Making Money Online – 3 Methods That Actually Work

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I've always had a passion for real estate and an interest in real estate investing.

However, another passion project of mine has been to investigate ways to make an online income (or, at the very least, to boost your total monthly income through extra side jobs).

I love investing, and real estate has my heart, but I’ve still spent the last several years working a variety of online jobs to make some additional pocket change. Plus, I just like connecting with other online entrepreneurs and business owners!

There’s a lot of scams out there, however, so I’m going to try my best to break down some legitimate jobs you can do from home that you can turn to if you’re in a crunch of cash.

Option 1 – Online Job Boards

There’s a world of opportunity out there when it comes to finding online work. Companies around the world are increasingly adopting the idea of a global, remote workforce, and this has lead to plenty of opportunity for freelancers.

Some of the most popular online job boards include:

There are quite literally dozens of other options as well, but these are some of the most popular ones that list thousands of jobs.

Just ensure that your resume is completely up to date and you read all job postings carefully. Many employers will sneak a question or requirement somewhere in their posting to ensure candidates read it…I’ve seen job postings that randomly ask you to include the capital of France somewhere in your application email before!

You may also want to consider creating a portfolio website that can showcase your previous work. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in freelance writing, graphic design, or some other freelancing industry. Having a portfolio can help separate you from the competition, and it also makes you seem more professional than a random internet freelancer from Fiverr.

Option 2 – Explore Online Communities

We often think of social media platforms as being a way to stay in touch with friends or family, and this is certainly the most popular use for them.

However, many social media platforms can be an effective way to network with people in your industry…and no, I’m not just talking about LinkedIn here!

Joining Facebook groups that cater to a certain niche is a prime example of how you can use social media to grow your network and find new clients. It doesn’t matter if you work in IT, accounting, marketing, or some other field, there is probably a group out there for you. Just search for it on Facebook, join, and start providing value while meeting new people. You’ll be amazed at how many job opportunities get posted through these sorts of groups or the power of word of mouth.

You can also try following industry professionals on platforms like Twitter and watching for job postings from companies that interest you!

Option 3 - Work Remotely

As I mentioned, employers are increasingly becoming comfortable with having a telecommuting workforce. In fact, there’s probably never been a better time for getting into making money online or making an income from anywhere in the world.

If you don’t work directly with clients or products, you may be able to convince your current employer to switch to a 100% remote setting.

Employers are willing to negotiate with their employees to keep them happy if their employees perform. Make yourself invaluable to your company, and then push for a flexible work schedule and more time away from the office.

You’d be surprised at how much you can gain just from starting up a simple conversation with your employer. As long as you can prove that you can provide value while working remotely, there’s no reason your request should be denied.

The power of the internet has made making money online easier than it has ever been. Between freelancing or online jobs that pay weekly, it is possible to make a full time income or to at least sustain yourself for a decent period of time.

Final Thoughts:

The thought of making money online and working from anywhere in the world is certainly appealing.

The concept of freelancing is also great. Starting a business can require an immense amount of capital, whereas freelancing doesn’t require any upfront cost. In terms of starting online jobs from home without investment, it’s hard to beat finding online work on a freelancing marketplace, after all.

As long as you approach the world of freelancing with a healthy willingness to work and the right attitude, you can succeed. Don’t be afraid to scour online job boards for opportunity, to take new networking opportunities, or to negotiate with your employer. You might be surprised at where you end up after putting yourself out there.


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