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Do you have a plan for your next moves and the homes you’d like to live in? It may sound strange, but planning your next real estate transactions shouldn’t be too hard once you had bought your first home. For example, after visiting the Grand Canyon State, you may want to add it to your list of places you’d like to grow old. Over the years, when you finally have the financial possibility to make your wishes come true, moving to Scottsdale or anywhere in the Valley of the Sun may sound like the natural thing to do. 


Americans live in about 12 different places during their lifetime, on average. As a teenager, you probably couldn’t wait to move across the country as far away from your parents as possible. The need to be free and independent - to stand on your own feet - is quite natural at this age. 


But people don’t always move because they want to. They might be forced to do so for various reasons, such as finding a better job, starting a family, or running away from natural disasters. However, with a median age of 47 years, moving to Scottsdale seems like a great idea for those approaching retirement. Regardless of the reason that brings you to “the West’s most Western town”, you should hire one of the best real estate agents in Scottsdale to assist you during the buying process.


The main reasons for moving to Scottsdale might be the weather and the outdoors. Located at the border of the Sonoran desert and having the McDowell mountain range in the northeast, the city of Scottsdale provides plenty of things to do for the whole family, including your lovely pets. In fact, you should know that Scottsdale ranks among the most pet-friendly cities in the US and boasts no less than three dog parks. 

But there are even more good reasons for moving to Scottsdale, and here they are:



Low home maintenance





Compared to other parts of the country that are facing wildfires or heavy snowfalls, Arizona has about 300 days of sunlight and only a few thunderstorms disturb the landscape for a short time. So, no snow shoveling, no leaf raking, no gutters to clean - just more time to enjoy life. The older you get, the more you will appreciate this aspect of living in the desert. Besides, if you pay attention to the Scottsdale landscape design, you’ll notice that most homeowners opt for desert plants and succulents that don’t need water every day. As for the lawn, replace the grass with pebbles or opt for artificial turf.


Great healthcare





Half of Scottsdale’s residents are 47 or older, an age at which healthcare expenses start to increase. But Scottsdale doesn’t bear the title of “the most livable city” for no reason. Here, the medical system boasts some of the best doctors and over 1100 staffed beds. Honor health operates 4 hospitals in Scottsdale, providing about 900 staffed beds. According to the US News, though, Mayo Clinic is the best hospital in Arizona and has 268 licensed beds. 


But what better way to keep yourself active and in good shape than by hiking the nearby mountains, jogging, or going to the gym?


Who may benefit most from moving to Scottsdale? All patients who seek relief from arthritis and osteoporosis. Those suffering from heart disease or asthma will also find that the desert lifestyle improves their quality of life and reduces the risk of having a heart attack or flareups.



Outstanding private and public schools





Scottsdale had a graduation rate of 91% in 2017, 10% above Phoenix, despite the fact that Arizona spends a lot less per pupil than Vermont - $8,131 in Arizona compared to over $20,000 in Vermont. With 19 grade-A schools, the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) is among the best in Arizona. Over 5,000 students are enrolled in public schools, where tuition is free. An equal number of students attend private schools. Students with special needs can also reach their full potential at schools such as the AZ Aspire Academy or Sierra Academy of Scottsdale, while children with autism (ASD) will get the best treatment at the United School.   


When it comes to college education, Scottsdale boasts an excellent Community College, while the University of Arizona is only 11.5 miles away. Let’s not forget that aspiring real estate agents can also get the best education here at the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business or at the Rise the Bar real estate school run by the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS®. 


Other facts that you should know before moving to Scottsdale:

  • At $483,500, the median home price is fairly high, but lower than in Paradise Valley - the richest city in Arizona where half of the homes are priced beyond $1.8 million. 

  • Scottsdale has a very low poverty rate, below the national average - 8.9%

  • Simply the fact the Scottsdale is the safest city in the Valley of the Sun should be a good enough reason to move here. 

  • The city has very cute trolleys that serve for public transportation

  • Millions of tourists visit the city every year, so you might be tempted to invest in an Airbnb rental

  • If you’re a creative person who enjoys arts and the bohemian lifestyle, moving to Scottsdale shouldn’t scare you at all. You will live in the heart of a community that values artists very much. In fact, you will find here the Museum of Contemporary Art and in excess of 32 art galleries. 

  • Last but not least, Scottsdale has some really impressive golf courses. Waste Management Phoenix Open attracts the largest galleries, but there are plenty of golf tournaments and competitions all year round. 


According to the 2018 National Movers Study, Arizona ranks among the top 10 states people moved to. If you’re not sure that moving to Scottsdale can change your life for the better, start by visiting the area as a tourist. After all, the city’s fast growth is also due to the high number of tourists who, sooner or later, became residents. It’s just a matter of time.


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