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Powerful Online Marketing Tools for REALTORS and Beyond

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Powerful Online Marketing Tools for REALTORS and Beyond


I have been in real estate, full time, since 2003.  I have personally helped 100's of people buy and sell homes.  I have a team whose agents have helped 1000's of people buy and sell homes.  I even owned a brokerage whose agents helped about 13,000 home buyers and home sellers.  I share this so you understand I am all about real estate and helping real estate agents devlop thier business and lead generation strategies.

At one time, I had upwards of 1000 websites.  These were unique, search engine optimized niche websites.  I probably built 100 of them myself and paid to have all of the others built.  Sometime around 2008, while the market crashed, I needed to start being smart with my expenses.  I learned Wordpress, built about 20 sites and that was about all.  It turns out, my hosting account expired and almost all of my sites were gone...


Builderall for Real Estate


About 2 years ago, I discovered this product...  this suite of online tools, from a company in Brazil costing just $29 per month.  I saw the value because one of their tools was a site builder.  I maintained my account for about a year, I paid for the white label version, I became an Ambassador for the product, I knew there was a ton of value but had other distractions... 

Builderall for Real Estate

About a year ago, I dove in big time and my own results have been nothing short of amazing!!!  I have built upwards of 175 websites using their builder.  I had just 6 agents on my team about a year ago...  today I have about 60.  In just one short year, my team has become the top producing team in the top producing brokerage in Arizona, a brokerage of almost 7000 local agents!!!


Builderall Site Builder


I am writing this to suggest anyone serious about growing and exploding their business have a look at this suite of tools.  The GREAT news, they just added Wordpress functionality last week and in my first test, I was able to host, find and install themes, find and install plugin packages in less than 6 minutes.   

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David Dion very good report for online marketing tools for Realtors and beyond.

Sep 26, 2019 09:03 PM
Peter Mohylsky, Destin BeachPro
PMI. Destin - Miramar Beach, FL
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Interesting information, I need to check it out.  I lived in Tempe for a while.  Probably before you were born but that is a different story and a life time ago.  

Dec 28, 2019 10:06 AM