How to Boost Your Local SEO With Citations

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What are local SEO citations? A citation is an online reference to your business's name, address and phone number (NAP). Like links to your website, Google uses them when evaluating the online authority of your business.

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Local SEO at its Finest

Ok, so let's start with the simple question. What is a business citation?

Business Citations are what Google and Bing use to rank your site in the three-pack. Three pack? What is a three-pack?

In the Google Search results you will see this:

Google results three pack
No doubt that you have seen then while you are searching the web and while you may have a listing here, there is a way to outrank your competitors by doing the following steps.

Create a business citation – easier said than done, like everything marketing but you need to have the following information to create a citation.

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Address
  3. Owner Name
  4. Phone
  5. Website
  6. Category
  7. Keywords
  8. Logo
  9. Hours – Even if you don’t have hours put in hours
  10. Social Media Links
  11. Payment Method – fill out even if you don’t take payments
  12. Business Description
  13. Business Email

Ok, now that you have all of that stuff, you just need to use this same exact information every time you create a citation (EXACTLY THE SAME INFORMATION)

The next information you need to find out is where to put your citation, I am happy to provide a list of places you can go to but you will need industry-specific sites. For example, if you are a real estate agent then you should have a listing on Zillow,, Trulia, same as if you were a lawyer;,, I think you get the idea.

Here is a list of 150 citations that will work for any industry just remember that they all need to be the same EXACTLY the same

Business CitationOr just take it one at a time and go down the list:
Just Dial
World Web
Yellow Book
Yellow Bot
Express Update
Dex Knows
City Squares
Yellow Pages

I know what you are thinking? Why would I waste my time adding my information to all of these sites? Google My Business and Bing Business crawl the internet and they find your business listings and match it agains what you have used for them. The more citations that you have the better and the more your citations match each other the better, this is why we want to match your citations exactly.

What else can I do?

The number of reviews is also a way to outrank your competitors as well. Google uses their own review engine, while Bing and Yahoo use Yelp, so as you get reviews in the future make sure that you encourage your customers to leave you a review in one of those places.

One more Little Tidbit - 

Here is an article on how to make it easy for your customers to leave you a review – Easy Google Reviews


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