Coyotes and Critters

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Coyotes and Critters

I’m always thankful when my new clients hold this question until we have spent some time together and hopeful they are used to my direct approach before they ask me about “Critters”.  I go into the Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Lynx explanation that they are truly terrified of humans, but they think houses cats and small dogs are tasty. Then we talk about Snakes and how having a few Egads (CATS) around will certainly reduce your possibility of having to deal with snakes. We talk about wildlife, how elk, deer and cattle love to come drink out of your dogs’ water bowls, and even eat dog food if it is left outside.   

But eventually they ask me about…. Coyotes – and it goes something like this…. 

Well, Mr. Husband this is where you come in, I’m guessing you do not want Coyotes and fox on your deck, eating your house cats, and attempting to get into your chicken coops right?  (We all know the answer to this rhetorical question – so I continue)… here in the rural areas, Mr. Husband, sir, you have a very important duty… you need to pee your perimeter.  Yes, I said it – I told my client, in his pressed shirt and spotless shoes that he will be doing his #1 business in a nice circle perimeter around his house and out buildings to set his personal perimeter so the coyotes will respect his area.  So as you can imagine I’m most thankful that this isn’t usually the first question of the day! 

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Coyotes are always looking for the easy meal, so I also suggest having all your outside pets, dogs and cats included, kenneled up into a smaller run near the house or in the barn from dusk to dawn as this is the hunting time for Coyotes and Foxes. We have a large dog run that is approx. 16’ by 60’ long and our herd gives us no trouble at dusk when I open the gate and holler “kennel up” they file in like good little soldiers. When we had a good rooster I never worried about my hens, the rooster would herd them into the hen house at dusk and he would wake them up at dawn and tell them to “get out” – but now my girls wander in just before dark (a little later than I’d like) and they wake up when the dogs are turned loose and run around barking!  I think my hen house was much better managed with a Rooster! 

I have a Diva milk cow and a heifer, we put them into the barn at dusk each night and we let them out after milking each morning.  I just do not want them harassed by a hungry coyote mommy teaching her babies how to hunt. The range cattle run loose all day and all night, but once you meet some of these range cattle you will find out, the smart coyotes are scared of these mean mommies! They are equipped to protected their babies.  

So...enjoy the wildlife, and remember, "Life Begins Where The Pavement Ends".


Elise Harron, Dirt Road Real Estate  

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