Handy Items for Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the centerpiece of your house. A house isnt a home without the love, joy, food and memories that stem from experiences in the kitchen. It's where the kids do their homework, grandma makes your favorite meals and Dad tells his corny jokes! 


The way to someone's heart is through the stomach as the saying goes. There's no reason cooking should be hard with today';s modern appliances and gadgets.


Apart from the obvious, like a fridge, stove, silverware, microve, pots and pans etc...there are a few additional items that will help you make your kitchen the best room in the house and make cooking a breeze.


Digital Scale 

A food scale makes weighing and measuring items a breeze because sometimes precise measurements are key. The last thing you want to do is runin that meal because you put too much spice or not enough seasonsing. When you need a sclae that can weigh down to the gram level, get a digital scale and be assured that you're following the recipe exactly as called for.


Knife Sharpener

You've got a knife set right? It's impossible to cook without one. Well many people ovelook the fact that over time, knives will become dull. 

Cutting that pice of steak, uncooked potato or turkey at Thanksgiving becomes a chore if you're working with unsharpened knoves. But sharpening them manually is every bit of a pain. Get an electric one for less than $1o and save yourself the hassle.


Rice Cooker

I love rice, my kids love rice, who doesnt love rice? It comes in so many flavors and textures and I love them all, from sushi rice to spanish rice, long grain, brown rice and everything in between.


Problem is that it's usually a side dish for the main course that Im focusing on. I've been maing rice all my life but still end up burningit or messingup the water to rice ratios if Im not paying attention. I finally got a rice cooker and life is sooooo much easier now. 

I simply place the measurements in the cup according to simple line measurements, hit start and let the cooker do its thing while I concentrate on the protein portion of the meals. Best of all, my rice cooker keeps the rice warm and ready for leftover lunch the next day.



Im 5'7." Not terribly short but certainly not tall. We dont live in a gigantic house but we do have upper cabinets to house many items that are infrequently used. 


There are certain cookware items that I intentionally keep out of the reach of my small child, and sadly myself, that require the use of a stepladder to get to. Yes, I mostly bug my husband to reach for hard-to-reach items and then get mad whenhe's not around like it's his fault lol. Anyway, get a stepladder and save yourself (and him) the grief.


Now of course you need the following kitchen items as well but let's assume you have them. If not, run, dont walk to the store to get them now

  • Knife Set
  • Microwave
  • Scrubdaddy
  • Electric Kettle
  • Rhoomba
  • Assortment of pots and pans

These are just the essentials but if you get the aformentioned somewhat uncommon items, life will be much easier and you'll have more time to spend time with the family, helping your house truly become a happy home.


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Maria Gonzalez very valuable report about handy items for a kitchen.

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Good list of handy items for setting up a kitchen, especially for a young person who just moved into their first apartment or home.

Oct 04, 2019 07:02 PM
Maria Gonzalez
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nice post

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