Unbiased Review on Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd

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Recently, I coughed a bit too much because of the dirty carpets in the house. I don't really have any experience in cleaning carpets so I hired a cleaning company to do it. I searched on Google and Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd came up. I saw reviews about it and they were mixed so I decided to give it a try since most were positive anyway. After experiencing their services, I decided to give my own unbiased review. After all, more people deserve to know about this company. They certainly exceeded my expectations when it comes to cleaning all the right spots. After they are done, cleanliness will be the least of your problems.

Customer Service

When I first called them, a lady answered me politely. I can tell from her answers that she has been thoroughly trained. That is what you like as a customer. In addition, I can tell she loves her job and she knew all the answers to my questions. Besides, you are going to pay for it so you deserve to know everything that is going to happen. You can even find out about the background of the cleaners they are going to dispatch to your house. They will also give an obligation-free quote so you will know if you can afford them or not. They will understand if you set a certain budget for carpet cleaning though.


The cleaners arrived on time so the task finished in a fast manner. They even gave us an estimate as to what time they expect to finish. I was surprised that they stayed true to their word and they even finished earlier than expected. You can't complain about that. Besides, you'll hate latecomers who arrive much later than what is expected of them. After that, they may make a bunch of random excuses just to avoid getting bad reviews. Good thing, this company is not one of them. In fact, they also know the way of going to my place so they knew they had to leave early so they can avoid the traffic.


Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd used the best materials available. I can tell just by looking at the materials they were using. The materials looked like they were pretty expensive which shows how classy they are. The manufacturers of those machines looked like they took advantage of the recent technologies to make such outstanding machines. Thus, there was no surprise how they finished faster than you can say "Thank you!". It is no secret they would not want to disappoint their clients in any way.


They knew exactly what needed to be done. It is like they have been cleaning carpets ever since the day they were born. Seriously, they were that good and I really wish I got to know about them sooner. There was even one time when one of them wanted to use the restroom and he asked me politely. These professionals never took off the smiles off their faces.


Their prices are very reasonable compared to what I got from other carpet cleaning companies in Singapore. Besides, you will get what you paid for. I was surprised at how good my carpet smelt after they got through with it. It definitely had the scent of a brand new carpet. In this situation, you should never think about how much you're going to spend for the service.

Final Word

In my opinion, they are a great hire. I would not hesitate to recommend Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd to my family and friends. If you have yet to discover this company, do yourself a favor and book them today. They even clean other things besides carpets and rugs cleaning. Thus, while they are in your house, you might as well have them clean a load of your stuff. They even treat you with the respect that you deserve. They are unlike other cleaners who look like they are just in it for the money. Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd is a company that is passionate about what they do and it shows in their work. It is no surprise how they have a lot of people raving about their work.


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