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The Top 3 HDB Spring Cleaning Service

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To most Singaporeans, HDB spring cleaning is a tradition that’s normally taken seriously. However, this seasonal procedure is not easy to carry out. If you are not doing it with your family or friends, then you need to hire the services of a cleaning company.


But it should be noted that there are many HDB cleaning companies in Singapore. So, this makes it challenging to choose the best brand. Most of these brands have attractive service packages at cost-friendly prices. But regardless of that, there are some cleaning service providers who have managed to stand out.

Below is an overview of the top three HDB spring cleaning service providers in Singapore.


1. @bsolute Spring Cleaner


This popular cleaning company is among the top HDB spring service brands in Singapore. To many Singaporeans, @bsolute Spring Cleaner is a trusted partner for HDB spring cleaning. They are game-changers who are consistent in their service delivery.


This household cleaning company has managed to stay on top of the game, despite the highly competitive market. What makes @bsolute Spring Cleaner stand out is the quality of services it offers. The brand offers professional and thorough cleaning services, leaving your house sparkling clean and smelling fresh.


@bsolute Spring Cleaner understands that HDB spring cleaning is considered a tradition in Singapore. So, they have well-trained experts who use specialized equipment to ensure that homeowners get impeccable services. @bsolute Spring Cleaner HDB services involve:


Well-trained and experienced cleaners.The use of relevant and modern cleaning equipment. Deep cleaning process covering areas such as bedrooms, the living room, kitchen, dining room, and kitchen among others.Cleaning of home equipment such as refrigerators, microwaves, and cookers.Descaling of showers in the bathroom and scrubbing of bathtubs.Disinfection of high-hygiene rooms such as washrooms, carpet cleaning, and vacuuming.


Overall, @bsolute Spring Cleaner offers quality and unique HDB spring cleaning services. This is a company that mainly focuses on customer satisfaction. So, apart from the outstanding services, homeowners are guaranteed to interacting with friendly cleaners. Besides that, there is a 24-hour calling line where clients can lodge complaints, recommendations, or ask questions.

2. Auntie Cleaner


Auntie Cleaner understands that HDB spring cleaning involves clearing of old unwanted materials and washing of dirty surfaces. They lean on providing services that improve your environment, leaving your home looking neat and organized.


Although it’s one of the top cleaning service providers in Singapore, Auntie Cleaner is still affordable. It specifically offers customized services to different clients, ensuring that all their needs are perfectly catered to. What makes this brand to stand out includes:


Post or pre-moving cleaning services. They sanitize HDB homes by clearing debris and cleaning dust before you move to or from your property. They offer outstanding services within a short period of time. They are keen on sanitizing harmful dirt and debris which can cause sickness and diseases. They have efficient professional cleaners who ensure that you get value for your money. They offer specific services such as carpet cleaning, air-con servicing, blinds, and curtain cleaning, among others.

Note: Auntie Cleaner spring cleaning services normally last between 4 and 8 hours. However, this time may be shorter or longer depending on the condition as well as the size of your home. This brand understands how spring cleaning an HDB can be tasking. Therefore, they have cleaners who are thorough, efficient, and professional in handling your property.


It should be noted that Auntie Cleaner doesn’t provide cleaning materials. This is because different clients have unique preferences when it comes to using cleaning agents.

3. E Home Services


E Home Services understands that your home as a dwelling place needs to be thoroughly cleaned. With the fast pace of life and busy working schedules, most people normally reach home when they are already tired. However, this Singaporean company is here to meet all your spring cleaning demands. They have managed to carve a spot in this competitive niche b


Offering a wide range of cleaning services at cost-friendly prices. Effectively carrying out dusting and removing debris. Performing maintenance procedures. Handling specific cleaning tasks such as air-con cleaning, upholstery, interior design, interior renovation, and carpet cleaning among others.


E Home Services strives to leave a lasting impression on your property. With skilled personnel and years of offering cleaning services, this is absolutely one of the best companies that you can rely on.