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What I Learned After Working As a Cleaner At Auntie Cleaner

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The truth is that I have immensely enjoyed working for Auntie Cleaner. Thus, I highly recommend this cleaning service both for workers and for clients. Certainly, I have learned many valuable things while working at this fine and reputable company. I think these things will help to provide valuable insights for those who are wondering about working here.

These things will also be beneficial for those who are considering using the cleaning services of Auntie Cleaner. I believe this article will provide more clarity for you about the company.


Positively a completely legal company


The company is truly legal. I never really thought much about freelance cleaners before. But I learned that it is illegal for people to hire freelance cleaners in Singapore. That is the law. I am glad that there is the option to work at Auntie Cleaner. This means that cleaners can work with this reputable company with the confidence of obeying the law. Therefore, working with this company prevents the need to be a freelance cleaner. Also, hiring cleaners from this company means that you are doing so in a legal manner. With the many cleaners available from this company, there is no need to hire a freelance cleaner.


Provides the training and experience that is necessary


I have learned that this company is dedicated to ensuring that all cleaners receive the proper training. The company ensures that the cleaners also get a lot of experience. Freelance cleaners may say they have training and experience when they actually do not. That is why I am grateful for the training and experience that I received from this company.


Cleaners are known as being trustworthy


I have learned from clients for whom I clean that the cleaners from this company are trustworthy. Clients are glad that when they come home, their house is truly clean. And they are also glad to know that all their possessions are still in place. It is comforting to know that the cleaners do top quality work and do not steal from clients.


Fair treatment


The company treats employees in a manner that is fair. The leaders of the company do not act in ways that cause discrimination against employees. As a result, there are good relations with the leaders and employees. In fact, it is pleasant to hear so many cleaners saying that this company treats them better than other companies. This company has always been fair to me since the day I was hired. I am truly grateful.


Better work by cleaners


I have learned that the cleaners do better work than many cleaners from other companies. The clients find that the cleaners are more thorough in the cleaning that they do. The cleaners make sure to follow all instructions and do not leave any area uncleaned. This gives the clients the peace of mind that their homes will be as clean as they expect. I know from firsthand experience that the cleaners do better work because the leaders treat us fairly. Being treated fairly makes the cleaners want to do their best.


Payments on time


The good news is that payments are provided to the cleaners on time. I am glad that this company demonstrates honesty and integrity in paying the cleaners on time. Sometimes other companies have been late with the payments of their cleaners. But this company has never been late.




I also have learned that this company tries to accommodate the needs and preferences of the employees. The company is truly caring and is kind toward the needs of the employees. The company tries to schedule the work shifts to best suit the obligations and life of the workers. This is truly a helpful solution for those who are studying at university and for those who have families.


Respect and dignity


The company treats each cleaner and client with respect and dignity. The company makes people feel valued and appreciated. This then also makes the clients and cleaners have a deeper respect for the company overall. Many cleaners stay with this company for a long time as a result.


Clear communication


Clear communication is necessary. This company communicates in a clear and efficient manner with both the cleaners and the clients. The company addresses all concerns and questions in a professional and polite manner that is helpful.