The Basics of Aircon Troubleshooting

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People who have an Aircon system at their home often face Aircon issues once in a while. And the first thing they do is call an Aircon service to get the matter solved. But very few do know that some Aircon issues can be detected and fixed at home itself if you have the right knowledge. During the warmer days when the Aircon is excessively used, your Aircon system is most likely to get issues. If you take appropriate Aircon troubleshooting measures and proper aircon maintenance, your Aircon system is going to operate smoothly throughout the year.


Now let’s take a look at the most common Aircon problem that occurs in most Aircon operating systems.


Aircon troubleshooting: The common suspects


During summers, the most common household appliance that goes off first is the Air condition. Your Air-conditioning system must work smoothly as it is the only way that keeps your rooms cool during the warmer days. Here are some common Aircon problems that you can avoid if you take corrective measures and proper maintenance of your Aircon system:


Air-condition Won’t Turn On


If you turn on your AC and you hear or feel nothing then there is a serious issue with the system. When there is a lack of power it means there is loose wiring or a broken thermostat. You need to replace or reset the circuit breaker. There can be a thermostat glitch caused when the thermostat is incorrectly calibrated. A low refrigerant level which can cause due to leakage or due to undercharging during installation. Aircon condenser problems can be another reason. There can be a frozen evaporator coil. Dirty aircon ducts and leakage in the ducts are one of the common reasons.


How to troubleshoot common Aircon problems?

Next time if you are having any Aircon issues, try these below DIY Aircon troubleshooting tips:


Check for Dirty Air filter


A dirty air filter can lead to problems like frozen evaporator coil, low airflow from vents, and ice accumulation on refrigerant lines, higher energy bills, water leakage and inadequate cooling. If you face any of these problems check your air filter immediately. If it's full of dirt or clogged simply replace the air filter with a new one. A dirty air filter suffocates the AC unit as the AC is not getting enough airflow into its system.

Check the thermostat settings


A wrong thermostat setting won’t let the AC turn on. Sometimes you might also experience warm air coming out from the vents. Often when people see hot air coming from the vents, they simply end up calling an AC repair service. But few do know that this issue can be easily fixed at home. Just go to your thermostat and set it to COOL from HEAT.

Check the Aircon circuit breakers


If the circuit breaker is tripped or not in the ON position your Aircon won’t turn on. The one circuit breaker that is labelled for Airconditioner, switch that ON. Now even if you turn it ON and it immediately trips back, then don’t turn it ON again. It means there might be some big electrical issues. You need professional help to get the problem sorted.


Check the Outdoor unit


When the outdoor unit gets dirty or stuffed up it can lead to higher energy bills, uneven cooling or warm air coming out from the vents. Just go out check the outside unit of the Ac that is the condenser. If there is a layer of dirt on the condenser, use a hose gently and remove the dirt from the unit. But if you see that there is a thick stubborn layer of dirt its better you call a professional Aircon service for deep cleaning.


Check for blocked or closed air vents


If the air vents are not cleaned for a long time it will get blocked or closed. Blocked air vents result in several issues like damaged compressor, water leakage from AC, higher AC bills, ice on the refrigerator lines, etc. Walkthrough the room and check whether the drapes, rugs and furniture are blocking the return vents or not. Some homeowners purposefully close the supply vents so be careful!


If your Aircon issues don't get fixed even after trying the above-mentioned DIY, then simply call a professional Aircon service for help.

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