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Mistakes you should avoid when staging your home for sale

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Selling a home shouldn’t be a difficult task when you’re all staged and prepared. Nevertheless, more and more sellers are unknowingly faced with mistakes that could easily be avoided. 

Most of the sellers are thinking that staging a home sale requires a substantial amount of money. Investing in the most obvious and essential things like a nice wooden floor, new windows, etc. will surely increase the selling price and provide you with much-anticipated profit!

In this article, we will cover some of these topics and explain how you can get a maximum out of your home!

Not Preparing the Home For The Market

Okay, this one is a no brainer. Not preparing a home for the market is a common home selling error that should be fixed immediately. There is only one opportunity to create a first impression with any of the potential buyers. A buyer that walks into a home that is cluttered or has any of the unpleasant pet odors is a good way to scare off a potential selling opportunity.

Old flooring

Having an old floor with wood that is outdated and neglected sends a clear repulsive message to a potential buyer. Stepping into a house with great wooden flooring can guarantee you a more than positive response or provide you that upper edge in negotiating the final price, securing you a more favorable deal.

Lack of furniture

Decluttering and reducing the number of present furniture is key to good staging. Nonetheless, make sure you don’t remove so much that the home feels desolate or unwelcome. Have a balance between space and a well-furnitured space. For example, you can emphasize space in living rooms and master bedrooms that are warm and welcoming environments. 

No carpets or area rugs

Following a nice floor, sometimes it is advisable to add a refined small touch in covering them. Many of the sellers are removing their prized carpets to secure them from getting damaged in the early years. But this presents a problem when trying to sell a home.

Furniture that is placed on wood or stone floors with a lack of a nice area rug appears to just float as someone has just left and forgot to finish the room.

Bad paint jobs

Have you ever walked inside a home and immediately felt like - Wow, this room feels much larger than what was described. That’s the magic of a good paint job. 

Old chipped paint creates a message that the home is not well attended. On the other side, strong and intense colors will turn away buyers.

The safest choice is going with neutral color pallets with decorator white or neutral trim that is much more inviting. 

Replacing old windows

New windows can create a drastic difference in any home. You can open up a spectacular view or simply improve the appearance of the old ones. Vinyl-frame windows are the most affordable almost as half of the price of their wood-frame counterparts. 

When shopping, look for a uniform color throughout the frame and joints that are heat welded than joined with some screws or fasteners. This way you can open up a window to a new selling opportunity.

No plants

Plants are one of the creators of life! They bring a sense of energy and nature into your home. Don’t forget to place new flowers and a few strategically placed plants in living spaces. Small orchids create a great eye-catcher in for example bathrooms.

Succulents can offer a nice centerpiece to a dining table, requiring little care during the showing process.

Final tip

Always remember, designing to live is a very different approach than staging to sell. Staging is about making the look that will appeal to the most number of active buyers in the price range that you are selling the home both online and in person. 


With just a few small investments your home can completely get a new look. By applying tips we’ve covered in this article and avoiding the most common mistakes your home can be a buyers dream.