Is your Real Estate Agent Looking Out For You Or For Their Commission

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When going through a big financial life change like buying a home, it’s important to work with a great realtor that will actually look out for you beyond the commission he or she will make. Your real estate agent is ultimately representing YOU; choose someone who will represent you all around in the best possible way.


There are some Realtors with tunnel vision.... The only thing they see is the paycheck/commission at the end of that tunnel. A great agent is there to guide you from beginning to end keep your best interest in mind 100% of the time. One of the most common issues just happened to me a few weeks ago,  I had a VA Loan / Military buyer moving local to me from out of state, his Realtor suggested that he contact the his go to lender for a VA Loan which the buyer had done but wanted to get another quote or few. The buyer found me online and popped the big question.... "What is your VA Loan Rate and Fees?" At that time I was at 3.25% No points on a VA Loan, $995 lender fees, his reply was " WOW that a great rate and fee" afterall the rate and fees quote he received from the suggested lender of the Realtor was 3.75% and $1,295. lender fees.

As we continued to chat the buyer mentioned that his real estate agent is the one that suggested the lender to him with the higher rate and fees, the buyer also mentioned that he had chosen this particular agent because the agent was former military and promoted all over social media how he " Loves To Help His Brothers and Sisters Of The Military With Their Real Estate Needs".  While this is great and I am all for helping All Military regardless if you are or were in the military, these are the hero's who keep our country safe and have battled for all of us in one way or another.

As our conversation evolved and we moved deeper into the process for pre-approval I learned the real estate agent was an agent that I have been trying to build a relationship with over the past year or so, we have met several times for lunch, coffee and at his office, this agent has called, text and emailed me questions about certain loan scenarios – I should mention that I have been in the mortgage business since 2003 so I am not a newbie. I take pride in providing exceptional service, customer always comes before money, I always look out for my client’s best interest first. Just last week I quoted a rate to a shopper which turned out that she received a better deal than mine from another lender, I flat out told her that she is getting a better deal with that lender, I even called the lender and confirmed the quote to be sure no hidden costs were involved.  Back to the agent; This agent well knows that I have a 5 star rating with many reviews and provide one of the best if not the best rates for VA Loans (as well as FHA and conventional) but did not even mention my name to the buyer ( I asked the buyer) . The buyer found me online and happened to reach out to me on his own.

The question I have is.... Who’s best interest does this agent have in mind?  Is it his “Brothers and Sisters Of The Military? or Is it his wallet size?  $141/month savings would have been wasted which translates into $1,692/yr or $8,460/ 5 yrs or $50,760/ over 30 years!!

I surly understand that not every agent could know that I offer low rate VA Loans with exceptional service and low lender fees but in this case the agent knows me, the agent posts frequently on social media about helping Military men and women, if the agent really cared about what was in the best interest of his Military buyer he would have added me to the list of who to call for a VA Loan.  Do I expect to get every VA Loan ? No, will I earn the business from every referral? No, but in the best interest of the client/buyer not suggesting me could have been a $50,000.00 mistake! How many $50,000 mistakes has this agent made?

When looking for a real estate agent, do your homework, there are plenty of agents in the business that truly care about the entire transaction, they will have knowledge of great home inspectors, great title companies/attorneys, home warranty companies and awesome lenders like me.  Great agents will stay on top of the most current 3rd party activities helping you choose the best for you!

I am always happy to work to earn your VA Loan Business and  all mortgage business, you can contact me @ 904-712-1500  or  Free mortgage pre-approvals. You will always get honesty and hard work from me. If you are looking to purchase a home and would like a Reltor referral I would be happy to provide you with a local Realtor that I know sincelely cares about the buyer and not just a paycheck.

“Most people can discern the difference between a salesperson who is out to make a dollar and one who is out to make a difference.” TODD DUNCAN

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