Is It Safe to Sit In a Vibrating Massage Chair During Pregnancy?

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The whole pregnancy time is a very delicate period for every woman. It creates a lot of stress and the body aches for any female who is going to be a mother. A lot of females decide to have massage therapy for getting relief from pregnancy stress.

Numerous females want to know either using the massage chairs are safe during pregnancy or not.

What is a massage chair?

The massage chairs are designed to provide different patterns of movements on your body that usually a therapist do during a massage session.  Click here for more info

Specified massage chairs for the pregnant females

Many manufacturers usually advised that pregnant females should not use specified massage chairs.  Because few massage chairs stimulate back pain.

Back pain could be very dangerous for pregnant females, due to back pain they will have to face premature labor pains.

According to science, while having the baby in your womb, keep it in mind that several muscle layers and fluid is wrapping him. These layers will keep your baby well-cushioned.

If you are going to sit in a massage chair, it will be not difficult for your baby. He will not feel any hurt because of being wrapped in several layers. You will also feel like sitting in a regular chair. There is not any scientific authenticity that electromagnetic rays from these chairs could be dangerous for you or your child.

There's no evidence that electromagnetic fields from these chairs are dangerous to you or your baby, either.

Secondly, if you are bearing lower back pain and want to have a massage session then keep it in mind vibration on the lower back could cause preterm labor pains. In such a condition, just contact your healthcare provider.

A pregnant female should follow the below-listed guidelines

 Pampering your body with a nice massage is soothing and relaxing. If you are taking good measures for properly having a massage session then you will feel magical.  Now, massage chairs have started to replace the massage therapists.

These chairs have become suitability that you might see like at an airport, shopping mall, or even you could have at your own home. In these modern times, the commonness of these chairs starts to increase.

Few healthcare providers advise pregnant females not to use massage chairs due to several reasons. Secondly, there are some questions either it is safe to use a massage chair while pregnant and in which ways.

Following are the reasons should be considered before using

  • Massage chairs trigger several pressure points on your body, which may cause early labor pains
  • As many massage chairs are featured with heating function, the heating function could cause an increase in body temperature. The increased body temperature of the mother will result in a spike in the heart rate of the baby. Increased heartbeat leads to cardiovascular problems
  • The vibration feature in massage chairs is also not good during pregnancy. It's another reason for avoiding the massage chairs

Anyhow, there are certain benefits too of using a massage chair

A therapist’s massage session is a good way of getting relief on the pressure points during pregnancy.If a female never had a massage therapy then massage is highly recommended during pregnancy days.

A pregnant woman will always enjoy a good massage. So, she should take a massage session after consulting with her healthcare provider. There are several benefits that a pregnant woman will experience.

Those benefits are listed below

  • Reduces stress 

It is advised to get a massage for releasing the lower stress. Parental massage is one of the good massage sessions. It will maintain the hormone levels in the body and helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

  • Eases back and leg pain 

Because of pregnancy, your growing belly and uterus takes up a lot of space and puts pressure on your body.  A good massage chair will reduce that pain. Zero gravity massage chairs will help to divide the pressure across the whole body

  • Reduced chance of postnatal depression

Research shows that massage therapy is necessary during labor; it could reduce the chances of postnatal depression.

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your information is best. But if we want only one body part massage then can we buy another tools? like if we want foot massage then can we get foot massagers buy from this

Apr 02, 2020 09:22 AM

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