Leaking Roofs: A Homeowner’s Nightmare

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As a homeowner, we have a responsibility to make sure that our house always stays in good condition. So, if you think your job is over once you buy your house, then you are sorely mistaken. A homeowner’s job, quite like a mother’s job never really quits. Your house, like yourself, will be aging along with you, and with age comes many problems.

Your house will start giving you all kinds of signs that it is beginning to grow old and needs maintenance and touchup jobs over time, and these manifest in a number of ways either through their physical deterioration, or their functional collapse. In order to prevent a major problem from occurring that might potentially end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs, it is better to be mindful and vigilant of any of these possible signs because most of these problems usually start out super small, but then they escalate really fast and by the time you are able to grasp what is going on, it is already too late.

Annual maintenance checks should be your best friend. It is strongly recommended that you call in expert contractors and inspectors to come in once every year and inspect different parts of your house including your foundation, your interior, the plumbing, electrical wiring and so on. Out of the many parts of the house that are normally neglected, your roof definitely falls into that category. Our roof is usually neglected until it starts leaking, and if you have noticed that your roof might possibly be leaking right now, you should probably call in a company that offers services in emergency roof leak repair in Oxnard as soon as you can.

There are a number of different signs and indicators that your roof might be running into problems, and we will brush over a few obvious signs with you. However, it is still strongly advised that you have expert roof contractors come in and inspect your roof if you find yourself having doubts, and especially after there has been a serious storm hit in your area.

  • An inspection of the exterior of your roof is very important, especially after a major storm hit like a thunderstorm or hailstorm. If you are able to, you should climb on top of the ladder and then try to inspect your roof from the top. If you notice that the shingles of your roof look especially worn out, damaged, or even missing, then your roof needs a repair job because the shingles serve as a line of defense, and when they are hit, the rest of your roof becomes vulnerable.

  • Apart from the obvious signs of wear and tear on the exterior of your roof, there are other signs that things might not be so pleasant based on an inspection of the interior of your house, and this includes inspecting the walls, the ceiling, and the floor.

  • A very obvious sign that you might be dealing with a leaking roof is if you noticed water puddled or a wet spot on your floor. This spot might constantly be wet or moist compared to the floor over the rest of the area/house, and if you notice this, you want to make sure that you grab a bucket so that the water no longer continues hitting the floor and consequentially damage it over time, and then call in people for emergency repair.

  • Another obvious sign that your roof might be leaking the presence of visible wet patches or water pooling around a certain spot in the ceiling, then you have water leaking from your roof, and the water is gathering within the interior walls of your ceiling. This is a really dangerous kind of roof leak because it can end up dealing with some really serious water damage, and can even lead to roof collapse if it is left unattended for too long.

  • Wet patches along your wall, or along the corners of your walls can be indicative of either a burst pipe or a leaking roof, so you will need to be mindful when you are investigating.

Once you have identified that there is a leak in your roof and you have also contacted the necessary people to come in and fix your roof, you cannot be idle until they relax. There are things that you need to do as well, and this includes containing the source of the leak. If you have identified the source of the leak and can ensure your own safety, you can place a tarp over the area and then use that to cover the hole. You should also move away from everything from the area where the leak is occurring, and then place buckets, tubs and so on to catch and contain whatever water is leaking into your house.


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