In Interior Design - Color Selections Are "Key" To Your Success!

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Color selections cause powerful reactions and send subliminal messages . . . and will play a critical role in the success or failure of the design of your home!

Marketing psychologists have stated that people form a lasting impression within 90 seconds of viewing an object, place or circumstance. And amazingly, color selection alone can account for 80 percent of the acceptance or rejection of these items. Therefore, because color impressions are both quick and long lasting, decisions about color are a critical factor in the success of any visual experience!

Consider the following when selecting colors for both the interior and exterior of your home:

Color is a magical communicator - As a licensed interior designer and home stager in Orlando, Florida, I have learned how to use the magical power of selecting the right colors to convey the lifestyle image and personalized message that my clients want to send out . . . both on a physical and emotional level. During our initial consultation I address this very important aspect of their project. What are their favorite colors? What colors don't they like? What colors do they like to wear? What colors do they gravitate towards when shopping for a car? How do these colors make them feel? I then recommend they flip through the pages of their favorite design magazines i.e. Architectural Digest, Veranda, Coastal Living etc. and tear out the pages of rooms they like, and also some that they don't like. From these pages I then can determine their individual "color DNA", and get a sense of the design message they want to convey for themselves, and to others!

Color is powerful - With the right color selection you can enhance the character of your home by accenting architectural details such as crown moulding, base, chair rail moulding and wainscoating. You can also make flawed areas diminish or recede. And with the right color choices you can add interest and excitement to any room with the stroke of a brush!

Color will set the tone - Do you want "comfy casual", "shabby chic", or "casual elegance"? With the right color choices you can set the stage for the style you want to project. Neutral tones, or "Un-colors" as they are commonly referred to, are considered artful mood setters which will mix and match easily, or happily go solo when used in variations and combined with interesting textures. Neutral tones layered with natural elements such as wicker, bleached and natural woods, nubby wools, soft suedes, crisp linens, iron, metallic and stone finishes are a few examples of warm additions which add excitement to this eclectic scheme. As a general rule, it's usually best to save the bright, bolder colors for accent and interest areas.

Whether in the first impression or the final analysis . . . the right color choices will play an important role in helping you to achieve beautiful surroundings that are warm, inviting, and best suited for your particular tastes and lifestyle.

Jeannene H. Edwards, owner of INTERIORS DEFINED,INC. is a highly sought after professional home stager and licensed interior designer in Orlando, Florida. She has merged with DAVID EDWARDS CONSTRUCTION to now offer complete architectural design and building services to further meet the needs of her clientele. Jeannene, known for her dynamic and informative seminars, is available to speak for sales meetings and group events. Her award winning designs and 'how-to' articles have been widely published in newspapers, magazines and trade manuals nationally. INTERIORS DEFINED, INC. is a five-star full service interior design and staging company, specializing in classic design and casual sophistication. To show you how to avoid the guesswork and save thousands of dollars and aggravation to get your home sold in today's challenging market, or further information regarding the many additional design, remodeling and building services being offered, please contact Jeannene Edwards or David Edwards at:

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