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Top 7 things for men to do in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is an entertainment destination that you can find in the country. Due to the same reason, lots of men prefer to visit Las Vegas and get their entertainment requirements catered. However, it is better if you can plan your journey before you visit Las Vegas. That’s where you will come across the need to get to know about top 7 things that are available for men to do in Las Vegas.


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Following are 7 prominent activities, which you should do while you are spending your time in Las Vegas.


  1.       Go to one of the casinos

You can discover a large number of casinos, which are scattered throughout Las Vegas. Your visit to Las Vegas will never be complete without visiting one of those casinos. The experience that you can get in one of the casinos located in Las Vegas will be a unique one. You will not be able to get that experience from any other casino located around the world. The process of picking a casino to play and spend your time will be quite overwhelming. However, the time you take to locate the perfect casino in Las Vegas would be totally worth and you can get an impressive experience at the end of the day.



  1.       Play lawn games

Gold Spike is a prominent adult sized playground that you can find in Las Vegas. It is possible for you to get into the living room and hang out. Or else, you can get to the backyard and catch all the exciting things that happen around you. If you are a fan of cornhole, beer pong or Twister, Gold Spike is the best place in Las Vegas. You can think about going there and enjoying your time.


  1.       Watch the Bally’s Light Show

In every single night, the Light Show is happening at the Bally’s Casino. You can get to the rooftop canopy and enjoy that. This live show focuses more on providing you with a Swarovski Crystal Starburst, which is soaring on top of the shops. This will be another unique experience that you can get in Las Vegas. Therefore, you should not miss it out. The show is taking place in every 15 minutes, starting from 8:05pm.


  1.       Stroll the Las Vegas strip

All the guys who come to Las Vegas should think about strolling through the Las Vegas strip as well. It can provide you with the opportunity to get many new and exciting experiences. You will be able to catch a lot of excitement while you are strolling through the Las Vegas strip. In fact, you will be provided with the opportunity to catch all the excitement around you while you are strolling through the strip. In the meantime, you can also think about visiting the local restaurants and local stores that you can find in the strip as well.


  1.       Hang out with your friends in the container park

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas along with your friends, you can think about visiting the container park, which is located in downtown. It is one of the best places available for you to hang out with the friends. While you are hanging out, you will also be able to eat and shop. On every single day, the Container Park is hosting free events. They include shows as well as concerts. Along with that, you can think about taking part in the movie nights as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that Container Park is a venue that is dedicated only for adults. Guys would love to experience all the action happening here as well.



  1.       Visit the Neon Museum

You will also love to visit the Neon Museum, which is located in Las Vegas. It is the home to hundreds of Neon Signs. You will be impressed to witness those Neon signs from your own eyes. Therefore, you can think about visiting the Neon Museum as well. At the Neon Museum, you will be able to see Neon signs from some of the old casinos in Las Vegas as well. You will have to purchase a ticket to get to the Neon Museum. It will be used to fund a non-profit organization, which refurbishes the old signs.


  1.       Take a picture with one of the showgirls

Most of the guys who visit Las Vegas prefer to capture pictures with showgirls as well. You can also think about bagging that experience while you are spending your time in the strip. In order to grab this experience, you need to think about visiting the Harrah’s Casino. When you walk into the casino, you will be able to see a couple of showgirls, who are ready to pose with you for a photo.

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