Habits that can make you ace the upcoming PTE exam

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Habits that can make you ace the upcoming PTE exam

PTE exam is an examination to test your level of proficiency in English. If you are looking forward to giving the PTE exam, then you need to develop a few habits along with doing proper practice.

You should set a target score in your mind and work towards achieving that goal. If your score on PTE mock test practice is close to the target score then you are ready to take the PTE exam.

Small habits that can make big impacts are:

  1. Read in English and Listen in English

If you read and listen to English regularly then you can improve your skills. Subscribe to English magazines and make a habit of reading them. There are many articles on the internet which can help you improve your reading skills.

Make a habit of reading news in English daily. This will keep you updated with what happens in the world and improve your skills. To improve your listening skill, you should watch English movies with subtitles. This will help you to read what is being spoken.

It will help you to grasp English quicker. You can also watch English television shows and try to pick up what they are speaking. This trick will help you get a better score on the PTE mock test practice.

  • Talk with people in English

You should make a habit of talking with your friends and family in English. This will help in improving your fluency in speaking and also the use of grammar. If you make some mistakes while speaking, your friends and family can correct you.

While you talk in English, you get a hold on your natural speech. Ensure to uses proper pauses while speaking which will create a habit and will be beneficial while giving your PTE exam. This will improve your score in the Speaking section when you take PTE mock test practice

  • Write Emails to Friends

You would be thinking who reads or writes a letter these days. So if you don’t wish to write a physical letter then you can write an email to your friends. Tell them about your day or any special event that took place in your life. This helps to improve your writing skills.

Use a spelling checker plugin so it indicates if you make any spelling mistakes and guides you in correcting it. It will also help to check your grammar and punctuations.

  • Write a diary in English

Keeping a diary and maintaining it is a good way for personal healing. These days a lot of people keep a diary and write about their day or an event that took place in their life. They make the diary their friend and talk to it by writing in it just the way you talk to a friend and share all the things with him/her.

Writing in a diary will help you improve your writing skills and give you practice in framing sentences. This is how you can improve your performance in the Writing section and evaluate how you scored in the PTE mock test practice.

  • Enrol in a Public Speaking Group

There are a lot of people who have stage fear and to get rid of the fear this could be the best option. It will help you built a level of confidence in speaking in front of a group of people.

You will improve your fluency. The group of people will help you in improvising on content. So, look for a local Public speaking group near your house and enrol in it.

  • Practice memory improving exercise and vocabulary exercises

There are many exercises available over the internet that helps you improve your memory and vocabulary. When you make your brain work, it puts in effort and remembers better. There are games like memory cards, Sudoku, Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and mind games.

There are many memory game apps that you can download on your mobile and tablet. Along with this, you should also practice some vocabulary exercises to grow your vocabulary base.

You should do this before you take PTE mock test practice because you can push your performance with a strong vocabulary.

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