3 Easy Ways for Realtors to Start Shooting and Posting Video Content

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In the digital age, content is king. From blogs to social media posts, staying relevant is intertwined with staying active and consistent. One particular medium seems to get overlooked quite often, though—video.

Perhaps it’s that shooting and posting video content seems intimidating or overwhelming. When most people think of the process, they likely envision fancy cameras, elaborate sets, boom mics, and professional lighting equipment. Entering such a field seems harder than it is.

So, how can you start creating your own video content? Easy—don’t overthink it! Posting on social media is free, so the risk factor is low. Furthermore, what people value more than high production value is quality information presented in a digestible way. All you have to do is dream up some simple topics, jot down a few notes, and follow these three easy steps!


Use What You Have

Very few people producing video content started as professionals. Most creators actually start with what you probably have in your pocket right now—their cellphone. With the advancements in technology, you have a powerful camera in the palm of your hand; just buy a simple tripod and get busy!

What’s truly important is to have confidence in yourself and what you know. Let your personality shine and have some fun as you learn by doing. Include your expertise in your videos—information about local cuisine, the latest community events, and all the charming elements that make your area unique!


Keep it Simple

While your audience will likely find you due to your real estate expertise, it’s important to remember that they do not share your depth of knowledge. As such, keeping topics short, sweet, and valuable to the average consumer is key.

A good way to stay organized while producing quality, easy-to-understand videos is to develop three categories that you rotate through. For example, topic one could be quick tips on preparing a home for the market, topic two could focus on helping those starting the homebuying process, and topic three could be all about what’s happening in the community!


Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a fantastic platform where you can upload your videos before distributing them across your various social media outlets. Simply upload, then share the link anywhere you have a presence. Remember, if you want to stay relevant in the digital age, you have to post consistently and continually adapt to media trends!


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