How to Measure Garage Door Spring

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Door springs are accurately calibrated to support varying weights. That is why you do not just pick any spring for a random door. One of the crucial skills in this area is how to measure garage door spring. This will help in getting the right spring for a particular door.

How to Measure Garage Door Spring

This post is going to furnish you with the steps to measuring garage door spring. You will also know other relevant information to help you pick the right spring for your door. You can never go wrong with this information.

Step #1: Knowing the Spring Wind Direction

It is the first step to getting the right measurements. Look at the spring closely from the top. Take note of the direction that the spring points. Is it clockwise or anticlockwise? For a clockwise direction, the wind is left. If it is anticlockwise, then it is the right wind direction. This is good information to know when you’re lubricating your garage door, replacing the remote or doing any other sort of repairs such as dents and whatnot.

Step #2: Getting the Actual Measurement

Get down to the spring you want to replace and measure for 10 or 20 coil. It should be in inches. When you have the measurements, take them to the standard chart and make a comparison. You will get the right size of the spring replacement.

Step #3: A Special Rule for Torsion Springs

This is only from the inside of the diameter. Measure it from the inside of the diameter for one-sixteenth of an inch.

Step #4: Getting the Length

Measure the total length of the spring and round it up to the nearest quarter of an inch.

Why it is Essential to Know the Wind Direction

It is quite crucial to know the wind direction. It is the only way you can do the right replacement. When you get in touch with a door technician, the first question they will ask you is about the wind direction. It helps to know the spring that needs to be replaced.

In most cases, it is recommendable to make both replacements at the same time. For instance, if it’s the right spring that is failing; the left one may give you problems after a short while. It is better to have both replaced and save you on costs for bringing your technician.

Why it Matters to Get the Wind Direction Right

Wind direction is part of the integrity, not only for the spring, for your entire door. Getting it wrong means your door will not function as it should. The springs turn in different directions when the door is moving up or down. When there is a mix up in their turning, you will have a problem with the functioning of the door.

As you make inquiries about spring replacements, you should have the information about the winding direction at the top of your head. Equally important, you should note where the spring appears on the side of the bar and the colors on their ends.

Bottom Line

You should know how to measure garage door spring. It is a skill that will help you when you want spring replacement. It also helps to order the correct spring and keep your garage door operating as it should.





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