How to Trust your Home Buyer?.

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How to Trust your Home Buyers?.

Home Buyers are everywhere, if someone is Renting they are a potential Client.  A 1st Time Home Buyer has many fears of Homeownership, it is our Job to help them overcome those fears regarding Home ownership.  Educating your 1st Time Home Buyer will take away some of the unknown about Home ownership.  In my experience as a REALTOR(R) there are some common questions 1st Time Home Buyers Ask:  Do I have to pay a Mortgage? Do I have to pay for Trash, and Water?  How do I get a better Interest Rate?  Do I need a Down Payment?  Can I get a Co-Signer? and the List of questions continue.  All these question are important to them.  Now it's time to Educate.

It's very important to address all their concerns.  I always bring a Legal Pad with me to take notes.  Writing their concerns down on Paper, says you are Listening.  Our Job as a Real Estate Agent, is to Listen.

Trusting your Home Buyer

As a Real Estate Agent or REALTOR(R) you are in Business.  In our Real Estate Industry, everything is in writing.  If you are a Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Broker, REALTOR(R) and conduct your Business with a Gentlemen Handshake, choose another Profession.  Yes, I understand you have a Great Friendship, or they are a Family Member, what ever you can think of, It is your Business to have a Buyers Broker Agreement Signed.  If their response is "I don't want to sign anything", no problem.  Thank them, and end the meeting. (RUN AWAY). Just joking about running way.  A Buyer's Broker Agreement says the Prospective Buyer is serious about  Buying a Home, and want you as their Real Estate Agent.  It's common that a Potential Client will tell you, I'm not ready to Buy.  Months pass, and you see a Social Media Post of them being Congratulated on Buying their 1st Home.(Wait?. I showed that Home to them about 30 Days ago).

Implement this Buyer Consultation into your Business Practice(It Works.)

*Prospect-  Prospecting turns into Leads - Leads turns into Appointments --  Appointment turns into Potential Clients - Potential Clients signing a Buyer's Broker Agreement Becomes - Your Exclusive Client.

Here is a List of Service Providers you MUST have to help your Client become a 1st Time Home Buyer:

*Home Loan Specialist.

*Home Inspector.



*HVAC Professional.


*Title Company.

*Escrow Company.


Add to this List.  At minimum you must have these Professionals to assist in the Home Buying Process.

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