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Worlds Luckiest Fishing Village

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Florida Tropical ArtWhen entering Destin from Okaloosa Island you will see a sign that says that Destin is the worlds luckiest fishing village.  There are many fisher people (is that politically correct?) will attest to that!  There are over 20 varieties of eatable fish in this area.  One of the most sought after game fish is the Red Snapper, which abounds in these waters.  In fact, the world's record was caught here off a a charter boat.  We have a variety of depths and coastlines that allow many different habitants.  It also attracts migrating fish from all over the Gulf.  The Destin Harbor Boardwalk has a large fleet of charter boat, along with quite a number of great seafood restaurants serving fresh locally harvested seafood.Whether you want to fish, or eat seafood, there is something here for you in Destin!

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Yes we are a luck little village.  I hope the fishing stays good this season.  

Mar 29, 2020 07:40 AM