Crystal Ball Question about Real Estate

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The open house in La Quinta California this last weekend went great. Had 7 visitors on Saturday and 9 visitors on Sunday. Met many great people interested in moving to the La Quinta cove area. It looks like there is more action then in the last few months. Good news, maybe we are starting to pull out of this negative trend, the traffic the last couple of weekends has increased dramatically, with it getting hotter (95-100) and the traffic increasing looks like good things to come in the real estate market.

 People always ask, are we at the bottom of the cycle and that is always a crystal ball question because when you actually know where the bottom is you already missed it. The only way out are people starting pulling the trigger on the purchase of a piece of property. The more people moving forward the better the economy and the real estate market. It amazes me how the human race is like a herd of cattle, If no one else is buying I'm not either....even thou the prices haven't been this low in 5-10 years (depending on the area). When things were sky high you could not keep people from throwing their money in the ring. In my opinion those who sit and wait (if they are financially able to buy) are part of the problem and those who are actually making those choices to move forward are the ones who are starting the real estate market turn around and they will have the largest return on investment in the long run in my opinion.

There are some smart ones out there right now and they are the ones that will look back at this time in history as the turning point in their financial well-being. 

Happy Selling

Happy Buying

Together we the people will make a change!


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