Revisiting Your Email Subject Lines

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When it comes to customer engagement, first impressions are everything. For most businesses, relationships begin with the all-important email subject line. It’s likely the most important part of the email marketing piece, and often the part people spend the least amount of time thinking about.

Let’s face it, an email subject line can make or break your ability to communicate. It’ll either open the door or keep it shut since a potential customer will either open the email or trash it depending upon a few simple words. Let’s revisit the subject line with a few easy tips to ensure that your valuable marketing content, real estate email flyers, and newsletters reach your customer.

Keep it short and sweet.
Subject lines should concise and to the point and should not exceed more than 40-50 characters. When possible, put the most important words first, both to ensure they aren’t truncated on a mobile device and because studies show the first few words are the most read. A subject line must pique customer interest in a few second's time. Make it count.

Personalize it.
Using a personal touch, such as inserting the person’s name into the subject line can help add a little extra “oomph” to email communications. When the content within the email matches the thoughtfulness in the subject line, this can work to your advantage.

Add a call to action
Similar to keeping it short and sweet, a call to action gives clear direction to your potential customer by asking them to do something specific once they open an email. For example, “Join us for an open house this Saturday” is a clear invitation. Targeted properly, it is likely that someone in the market for a home will respond positively. Paired with customizable email flyers from eCampaignPro and you’re on to something!

Include an exclusive offer
Another way to add value to email communications is by adding an exclusive offer that is not found elsewhere in your brand communications. Again, use an offer as an opportunity to help a customer or potential customer feel special because doesn’t everyone want to be treated like a VIP?

Allude to useful content
Positioning your business to be the expert of a particular real estate niche begins by sharing useful information. Create emails with relevant information and tease your audience with a subject line that entices the reader to continue. Here’s an example: “Five Easy Tips for Finding a New Home Out of State”

Is your subject line working for you?

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