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As you know, every media "expert is still hammering away on the market" warning everyone that things are bad bad bad.  Yes, this has been a rough year for all of us in real estate, however we do see signs that point ahead to a slower steady positive growth which is a welcome sign of relief.  I still believe that right now is a great time to purchase a home.....not flip properties.  The  "irrational exhuberance" as Greenspan alluded to about the tech stock scenario is exactly what happened in the real estate scenario we have been dealing with. If you're  looking for a home or a great investment... buy now, great great prices. If you want to flip....stay with pancakes or poker.

As far as the weather and a great place to live...work or retire, Green Valley is an excellent choice. We do not experience the earthquakes,  there aren't any tornadoes, we don't have any hurricanes, there probably won't be any tsunamis, and we probably won't have any widespread flooding.  But we will have plenty of sunshine.  As far as conveniences go, we are about 20 minutes from Tucson where you can get anything you want from a big city.  Although the greater Tucson area has over a million people it amazingly feel like a small town.  Well, summer is here and the rain is gone.  We have had a quite beautiful spring overflowing with flowers from the plants, trees, and the cacti.  The light summer rains, known as the monsoons, begin about in the middle of July and go through until September.  Boy do they really cool off the summer days.   There are great recreational opportunities here: hiking, biking, horseback riding, birding,  and all the other usual sports you would expect.

We hope to see you in Green Valley soon.  If you would like to know more about our area, just give us a call at (520) 904-1690 or please visit us at our website:  www.greenvalleydreams.com which is open 24 hours a day.  Thanks for reading our comments.

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L. Wayne Denton
Denton Properties, Inc. - Loganville, GA
I have a handle on your market!!!

I really love the positive approach that shows up in your posts.  We can make the difference in our markets by leading the positiveness about the market today.  Great post.

Jun 09, 2008 11:24 PM