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Homeowners Guide to the "Zombie Apocalypse"

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Homeowners Guide to the "Zombie Apocalypse"


Rather catchy title, isn't it? It may not be zombies, per say, however, have you seen the mass hysteria that happens when the lights go out? Natural disasters? The grid goes down? Good luck trying to get some bread, milk, or eggs in Philadelphia grocery stores when the word snow is mentioned.


How attached have we as a developed Nation become to the modern way of living with way more modern conveniences that control our lives? Technology abounds...just as I am sitting here typing this and listening to music streaming on the "smart" TV, my son is online doing school work, and my "smart" phone rings. One stop shopping at our fingertips. Food provided with the swipe of the credit card. Heat, hot and cold water. Electricity with one flip of a switch. Water at will. All of this will mean nothing once the disconnection happens. So what is a home-owner to do to be prepared when the lights go out?

A very basic concept for human survival consists of three things, common sense, hydration, and maintaining core body temperature. "But Pete, what do you mean?"

Using common sense and having the ability to learn about basic skills, First Aid ( yes get certified in Basic First Aid and CPR ), knowing how to disinfect water and differing methods to do so, and have a supply of food ( basic staples ), enough to sustain you and your household for 30 days minimum...and also have a back up plan.


This will be a multipart series for homeowners, and renters alike, to have the basics in place just in case the lights go out. Until the next chapter...don't let any zombies bite you.


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