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    Acai Berry - "Star of Newest Health Craze" in NBC Report


    Posted by admin February 27, 2008

    It may be the hottest health product on the market. Mona Vie is a fruit juice that promises to ease pain, boost energy and improve overall health. And even though it's $45 a bottle, it's still selling like crazy.For Clyde and Donna Huffman, looking younger and living longer means working out on a regular schedule. But it also includes something - Mona Vie fruit juice.

    "When you're 69-years-old and about to be 70, you have aches and pains. They come with age, now I have energy abounding," said Donna Huffman. "I'd like to look younger, live longer and I want to be as healthy as I can."

    Mona Vie is made up of 19 fruit juices. But its star ingredient is the acai berry, plucked straight from the rain forests of Brazil.

    "It's the best the world has to offer in fruit," said Shelly Aristizabal, a top distributor for Mona Vie. "It's being taken to market through independent distributors."

    She went from being a stay-at-home-mom to making hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than two years.

    "If you can do something you believe in and you're passionate about, and you can share it with everyone and get amazing amounts of money to do it, it's the perfect business model," said Aristizabal.

    Doctor Fred Liebowitz has a pain management practice in Fort Myers. For him, it's about making his patients feel better with fewer drugs.

    "It's doesn't claim to cure disease. It's basically good nutrition that most people should be taking on a daily basis," said Dr. Liebowitz.

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