New Copper Hospital Beds Reducing HAI Infections for Hospitals

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New Copper Hospital Beds Reducing "HAI"

(Hospital Aquired Illness") Infections for Hospitals
and Saving Lives  

Copper Bed Rail Overview - video

A new study released by Modern Healthcare shows published a published study and results
with copper hospital bed rails reducing the baceria levels and "HAI" (hospital aquired illness)
rates by 80% to 90% plus in patient rooms. The hospital bed rails are known to contain some
of the highest bacteria counts in patient rooms and the "copper" coated bed rails kill everything
they come in contact with including MRCA, Norovirus and other pathogens.

The copper hospital bed "upgrade" entails bringing in copper hospital bed rails and switching
out the rails in the hospital fleet and also replacing copper foot boards. The hospital bed rails
that come out are then coated in a copper alloy and then used to replace the plastic rails.

According to Michael G. Schmidt, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston. Hospital aquired infections (HAI's) account for over 2 million illnesses and over 100,000 deaths per year making it the 8th leading cause of death in the United States The new copper technology is a major game changer for hospitals looking to improve patient and caregiver safety with the ability to reduce these numbers greatly. The copper technology is also being applied to light switches, toilet seats, curtains and other parts of a patient room to reduce bacteria counts even more. Copper has been used for thousands of years to sterilize water from the early days of Vedic and Greek society's where water was carried and stored in copper pots.

A California and Virginia based company called "iMedical Equipment and Service" is offering copper bed rail upgrades and selling "copper hospital beds" to hospitals with existing bed fleets with plastic rails. By coming in and replacing older Hill Rom and Stryker medical beds with the new copper rails the hospital is able to get the benefits of copper without buying brand new beds. The prices for "copper bed upgrades" vary but compared to getting new beds the costs are minimal according the iMedical Equipment and Service spokesperson Sean Callahan. "We are getting ready to start installing the new copper bed rails into many large and some small and private hospitals. Now that the data is published and the results are out hospitals can see that the copper beds will have a huge effect for patient care and also saving millions for hospitals in infectious disease outbreak costs. We will be able to outfit an entire hospital patient rooms with copper surfaces and products and thus save thousands of lives and illnesses per year. This is a huge gamechanging technology that will have a very positive impact for patient and caregiver health moving forward."

New copper coated hospital bed rails reduce bacteria counts by over 90%

Hospitals looking for copper hospital beds, copper bed rails and other copper products for patient rooms can contact iMedical Equipment and Service at 858-263-4894 California and 804-929-6886 for Virginia or can directly contact them Sean Callahan at for more information. See the links below for more information on coper hospital beds and more statistal data.

Copper Hospital Bed Video

Get more information on copper bed prices, copper bed upgrades, copper hospital bed models and costs
including installation below.
San Diego California (858) 263-4894 
Richmond Virginia (804) 929-6886

Links and More Information

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Copper hospital bed rails demo - sample. Bed rail with copper reduces bacteria levels by over 90%

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