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Sales is not marketing. Back in college they had us memorize a definition of it long enough to give you a headache, so I’ll break it down simply for you here: marketing is mass-media, and sales is 1-to-1. Pretty simple, huh?

As a real estate agent, you’re responsible for doing at least part of your own marketing to get eyeballs on your listings & generate new leads, but in truth you specialize in sales. That’s a good thing, because salespeople have a lot higher earning potential than marketing folks do, although neither group likes to admit it.

The problem with doing marketing in real estate is that it’s time consuming, and it distracts you from sales. The time you spend putting your listings in the MLS, posting to Zillow or Craigslist, publishing photos, building websites, doing social media, and yes — even blogging on ActiveRain — is time that you COULD be spending making sales commissions. But you’re not, because you’re doing marketing.

Unless you hire a marketing virtual assistant. For less than 1/3 the cost of a full-time employee, you can have a full-time virtual assistant working tirelessly to make sure that your lead-generation tools are working perfectly, your website is updated, your blog is full of fresh content, and of course all of your listings are published perfectly online.

You, of course, spend that time you save selling homes — which is tremendously easier because you’ve got more eyeballs on your listings & leads rolling in from all the various lead-generation channels you’ve created.

MyOutDesk can help. Instead of dealing with classified ads or wading through hundreds of resumes on a job-portal site, you can sit back & relax while we prescreen scores of applicants to meet your exacting standards. Educated & English proficient? Yes. Experienced in real estate? Of course. Trained in various marketing techniques & software apps? Definitely.

This is how leverage works in your real estate business: you place the req, we find you the best candidates, and you grow your business by outsourcing the repetitive, non dollar-productive tasks to a virtual assistant in order to focus on what you do best — sales, not marketing.

Here’s what a Marketing Virtual Assistant can do for you:

Lead Generation, Advertising, & Promotion:

  • Contact Management (client database)
  • Lead Tracking and Coordination
  • Design Marketing Materials
  • Write & Place Advertising
  • Produce Graphics and Feature Sheets
  • Photography (selection and Editing)
  • Prepare Listing Packages
  • Prepare Buyer Packages
  • Prepare Relocation Packages
  • Organize Promotional Events
  • Purchase Gifts & Promotional Items
  • Implement Promotional Campaigns
  • Select Graphics Vendors
  • Select Advertising Vendors
  • Write & Place PR Stories
  • Coordinating Community Involvement
  • Coordinate Community Service
  • Design & Maintain Website
  • Set up & Maintain Talking Ads (IVR)
  • Research New Marketing Opportunities
  • Maintain a File of Testimonials
  • Handle Consumer Complaints

Seller Prospecting & Servicing:

  • Research the Market & Prepare a CMA
  • Prepare and Deliver a Pre-Listing Package
  • Arrange for Signs
  • Arrange for the Lock Box
  • Set up Showing Procedures
  • Take or Arrange for Photographs
  • Put Information in the MLS
  • Put in or Link to Websites
  • Provide Graphic Feature Sheets
  • Arrange for Flyers and Marketing Materials
  • Arrange for an Office Tour
  • Arrange for a Broker Open House
  • Provide Feedback from Showings
  • Update the MLS and Websites

Buyer Prospecting & Servicing:

  • Provide a Buyer Representation Packet
  • Research the MLS
  • Send Updates to Out of Town Buyers
  • Arrange for House-Hunting Visits
  • Provide Pricing & Market Research

Administration & Accounting:

  • Set Up and Maintain All Files
  • Maintain Listing Property Files
  • Maintain Contract Files
  • Maintain Archives
  • Make Copies
  • Open and Distribute Mail
  • Read and Answer Mail
  • Buy Supplies
  • Inventory Supplies
  • Make Appointments for Showings
  • Schedule Events and Meetings
  • Inventory Signs and Lock Boxes
  • Arrange for Coverage and Availability
  • Set Up and Maintain Chart of Accounts

Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today to find out how a MyOutDesk real estate virtual assistant can help you!

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