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We Buy Houses for Cash - Scam or Time Saver?


There is a growing number of "We buy houses for cash" companies in the real estate market today, but are these companies scams or are they providing a valuable service to time-strapped buyers?


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As with any industry, the answer depends on the company. There are some scammers out there. There are also a lot of reputable cash buyers who conduct numerous trades every month, and those buyers have a lot to offer. A Sale on Your Terms There are numerous reasons why someone might want to sell a property quickly.


They could be trying to avoid foreclosure, or need to move to another state for work and not want the hassle of dealing with the sale after they have left. Alternatively, they could have tried being a landlord and found that it just isn't working out for them. Whatever the motivation for the sale, the old real estate agent model is slow, cumbersome, and too much hassle for a lot of people.


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Cash sales may sacrifice some of the closing prices for speed, but to many people, the idea of getting rid of a property quickly, and with no hidden charges, makes that worthwhile. With a cash sale, the seller is in control.


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