Should You Sell Collingwood Real Estate in the Winter Or Spring?

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Collingwood is a beautiful quaint town especially during the winter months like January and Feburary. It boasts a friendly community filled with smiling faces and wonderful businessess. There are also numerous tourist attractions near by, such as Blue Mountain Resort. However, even though the town is picturesque in the winter, is it necessarily the best time to put a house on the real estate market? Some experts feel that winter is one of the best seasons for homeowners to sell. On the other hand, the real estate market also tends to experience an influx of homebuyers during the spring months. Before deciding on one way or another, homeowners in Collingwood need to understand that both seasons come with their own fair share of downfalls.

This gives homeowners in Collingwood a lot to think about. However, time doesn’t stand still for people who are selling their homes. Collingwood, homeowners need to act on their toes if they want to get the most bang for their buck when selling time comes. In order to stay sharp and make the right decision, homeowners in Collingwood, should learn the pros and cons of selling in the winter and spring. By creating a list, homeowners in Collingwood, can figure out which season is right for them. 

Pros of Selling Real Estate in Collingwood in the Winter
Influx of Buyers in Collingwood Real Estate Market Despite the fact that many people assume that the ​real estate market in Collingwood Ontario​ is slow during the winter, this is simply not the case. Many will often forget that businesses will generally relocate their employees at the end of the year. This means that sellers will potentially have an influx of new buyers at the beginning of the new year.
Less Competition Another major benefit to selling in the winter is that homeowners in Collingwood will have less competition to deal with. Due to rumours and a bad reputation, many homeowners will avoid selling in the winter months entirely. This means that the homeowners that do take the plunge will have to deal with less competition. A lack of listings can potentially be used as leverage if the buyer feels the need to negotiate.

Beautiful Winter Scenery Few seasons feel as magical as the winter; the way that snow lightly falls on the roof of a home is absolutely beautiful. Homeowners in Collingwood should use the weather to their advantage whenever possible. Play around with tasteful wreaths, garlands and other decorations. Those that are particularly creative can think of their own outdoor staging ideas. Tastefully staging the exterior of the home can be the cherry on top of a buyer’s first impression.
Beneficial For Stagnant Homes Homeowners in Collingwood that have had little luck in the summer and fall may find better luck in the winter months. This is due to the fact that many buyers are extremely motivated during the winter. If the seller is willing to negotiate on the price, it will help buyers ignore the fact that it has been on the real estate market for a long time. This may be the best strategy for a house that has been sitting stagnantly for months.

Cons of Selling Real Estate in Collingwood in the Winter
Abundance Of Maintenance Despite all of the surprising benefits that come along with selling a Collingwood home in winter, there are some negative aspects that should be discussed. One of the most prominent is the maintenance. During the winter, it isn’t uncommon for snow to fall for a number of days in a row. If the homeowner has a driveway, they will need to keep it shovelled. The homeowner should
also take the time to shovel any walkways or paths around the home because this can add to the aesthetic appeal.
Poor Weather Conditions Although snow can add a ton of aesthetic appeal to a home in Collingwood, it can also be a hindrance; especially when it turns into slush or ice. Homeowners need to know that poor weather conditions can strike at any time. Many buyers will not take the time to go to an open house in a blizzard. However, if there are visitors during poor weather conditions, the homeowner should know that they mean business!
Holidays and Events Many homeowners will often overlook the fact that the winter season is filled with a number of holidays and events. These include religious holidays, Valentine's Day, and Family Day. Before setting an open house date in stone, homeowners should always remember to double-check the calendar to make sure it doesn’t coincide with another important day

Pros of Selling Real Estate in Collingwood in the Spring
Great Weather Conditions It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to put their Collingwood homes up for sale during the spring months. This is due to the fact that the spring months offer many benefits. One of the obvious benefits is the weather. During the spring, homeowners in Collingwood won’t have to deal with slush, snow or ice. This means that fewer buyers will be deterred by poor weather conditions or freezing temperatures. Great weather conditions can put buyers in a better mood, which may potentially influence them to make a sale.
Much Longer Days Many buyers are not keen on looking at houses when it is dark. This is due to a number of reasons ranging from safety to convenience. However, it also makes it difficult for buyers to get a good look at the home. During the winter, the days are extremely short. In Collingwood, it can start getting dark at approximately 4:30 P.M. This gives buyers a very short window of opportunity to view houses. However, during the spring months, the days are longer and brighter. This allows buyers to visit the home as late as 7, 8 or even 9 P.M. Due to longer days, homeowners in Collingwood will have more opportunities for potential buyers and pedestrians to see all the benefits and positive aspects of the home.
Potentially Make More Profit Although the weather is an obvious benefit, there are a number of less well-known benefits. One of them is that homeowners can potentially make more money off of their house. This is because there is more competition amongst buyers which leaves them to get caught up in intense bidding wars. As an example, from 2010 to 2015, homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area who sold in May saw an average of $60,000 more than those who sold in January. This paints a vivid picture as to why so many homeowners put their houses on the real estate market in the spring.
Easier on the Children Many parents in Collingwood get excited when they hear the news, however, not as many kids are as thrilled about moving to a new place. This can be even harder for a child to deal with in the middle of the school year. Being the “new kid” is hard enough, let alone starting halfway through February. However, by selling a home in the spring, homeowners have to find a new home as quickly as they need to sell their home. Settling in a new home in the spring also gives parents a chance to register their children in their new school. Although this doesn’t make the process painless, it does help children deal with the move much easier.

Cons of Selling Real Estate in Collingwood in the Spring
LOTS of Competition Before blindly putting their house on the real estate market in the spring, homeowners in Collingwood should know that there are downsides that come along with the season. One of the most positive aspects of selling in the spring is also one of its biggest downfalls. While selling in the spring can potentially raise the price of the home, it can also lead to a lot of false leads. This is due to an increase of houses being sold on the market. Unfortunately, that means that buyers may not be as motivated to commit to a home in the spring. Sellers in the Collingwood area should focus on potential buyers who are clearly interested in the home. By doing this, the seller will make the most out of their time and money.
Lots of Maintenance Just like the winter, the spring months come with their fair share of chores. In order to maintain their curb appeal, homeowners in Collingwood will have to keep the exterior of their home spick and span. This means mowing the lawn, pulling out weeds, and keeping plants watered. The homeowner should also take the time to replace old features like doorknobs, doorbells, and welcome mats. Homeowners should also consider making time to repaint any doors, fences, or
poles around the exterior of their home. Taking care of all of these chores can be a time-consuming task that eats into the time that homeowners can spend in selling their home.
No Access to Fun Winter Attractions and Events During the winter months, there are a ton of fun events that take place. There are also a number of interesting attractions that only Collingwood can offer. During the spring months, sellers won’t be able to use these amazing events and attractions to their advantage. They will be able to talk about them, however, they won’t be able to physically show them. This can be a make or break for some buyers.
Attack of the Allergies While looking for a home, buyers don’t want to be distracted by anything; especially their allergies. Putting a home on the ​Collingwood real estate market​ in the spring risks an allergic reaction from potential buyers. This is because, during the spring (and summer), the air is filled with airborne pollen. Symptoms such as coughing or sneezing may have a negative influence on the potential buyer’s first impression.
What Have We Learned? Regardless of the time of year, Collingwood is a jaw-droppingly beautiful town that is filled with wonder and excitement. However, even though it is aesthetically pleasing all throughout the year, different seasons, especially in the winter and spring, offer unique opportunities in the real estate market. These seasons also have their share of negative aspects as well. Before making a decision on when to sell their house, homeowners need to learn the pros and cons of each season.

The winter offers a number of pros including an influx of new buyers and a lack of casual buyers. However, it also has downsides such as poor weather and a large amount of maintenance. Similarly, spring also offers homeowners a number of benefits. Some of these benefits include having a better impact on children and a higher potential selling price. Sadly, spring has an equal amount of negative aspects. Some of these aspects include having more competition and not having access to the amazing winter activities.

Homeowners have a lot to take into consideration especially if this is their first time putting their home on the Collingwood real estate market. However, knowing these pros and cons listed above can put homeowners a step ahead of the competition. If done right, the sellers can potentially end up with more profit from the sale. This gives them more money to spend on their new home.


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