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So many new subdivisions, and so many choices!  People want to control as much as possible of their immediate environment, so new homes are often a way to do this. You can pick the orientation of the door, the bedrooms, anything you want.  Sounds like the perfect Feng Shui opportunity, doesn't it? Sometimes it is...but often it's a recipe for disaster.
When you look at the macro view, a new subdivision often takes years to build.  If you manage to find the perfect lot, with the perfect orientation for your family, I suggest that you wait for the rest of the homes to be built before starting yours.   
Every year there are directions where cranky energies reside.  Digging in these sectors will often cause major problems for the occupants.  If digging a hole for a tree would cause trouble, can you imagine what building a house will do?  
There are "cures" for these troubles, but cures are never 100% and can be moved out of position very easily, leaving a home vulnerable to problems.  It's just easier to avoid the trouble altogether by waiting to build, or even by buying a home in a settled neighborhood.
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