13 Home Office Upgrades You Need If You Work Remotely

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There is something so satisfying about knowing that the furthest that you have to go to work is the dining room when you work from home. No long commute, no early start: just head downstairs and get started with your day.


It’s hard to get motivated when you work in your own home, though, even if it is an exciting prospect compared to the commute to the stuffy office. It’s especially hard to get motivated when you have open access to the refrigerator and the unlimited Facebook access on your own WiFi.


The thing is, you should want to be as productive as possible in your space. It’s yours to decorate and organize exactly how you like it. To be functional, it needs upgrades and it needs space.


Let’s discuss thirteen home office upgrades you need for your remote working space.


1.   An Ergonomic Office Chair

Give your back and your hips a little love with the right kind of office chair. Ergonomic chairs are going to keep you supported while you work. Never discount the importance of your spine - it’s holding you up, show it some respect and give it something supportive!


2.   Quality Office Speakers

You may be working, but this ain’t no library! Get your groove going and invest in the right speakers so that your office is filled with tunes that make you productive. Dance, move and keep on singing - you need that motivational hat on if you want to keep going!

  3.   A Desk Lamp With Soft Light

A treat for the eyes is a treat for the mind, and straining your eyes to see your computer screen is not a treat. Adequate lighting on your computer keyboard is going to ensure that you can see what you’re doing, helping your eyes to stay healthy and giving you the right working environment for success.



4.   A Smart Assistant

Time-saving measures, I hear you ask? Well, ask Alexa. Or Google Home. Either one of these smart assistants can help you when you yell out your questions mid-typing. Get your questions answered without having to Google them yourself, and you’ll cut out a bunch of wasted time.


5.   A Yoga/Stretching Mat

You’re hunched at a desk for however many hours, which means you need somewhere that isn't a desk to take a break. Yoga is an awesome past time - if you can get past the crazy breathing. So, having a well-placed yoga mat can really give you a helping hand during the day! Take a moment to stretch - your body will thank you and your mind will remain focused.


6.   An Ergonomic Keyboard

Back on the topic of ergonomics, it’s not all just about your spine. Typing away all day long gives you sore wrists (repetitive strain injury) if you’re not taking regular breaks and you’re typing without support. With the right keyboard and the right keyboard cushion, you can prevent this from happening and remain comfortable.



7.   A Desk You Love

Creativity is key in your home office. You don’t need to go all “insta-worthy” with your office and replicate someone else’s style, but you do need to consider that you should love your new desk. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in there, after all, so you should choose a desk that really works for you.


If you can, try to find a desk with storage and added shelves. If you have a list of office stationery that you need, check here for more information on Dymo labels and packaging supplies. You’ll need somewhere to store it all!


8.   A Whiteboard

Sometimes, time away from the screen is a good way to boost motivation. Get some snazzy whiteboard pens and throw some ideas on the board - and some reminders. It’s a must-have for the office and it’s going to give you the chance to brainstorm.


9.   Plants

It’s not just the color, but green plants and flowers in the office are great for the following reasons:

  •       Improve your air quality
  •       They look good
  •       You can bring a little bit of the outside to the inside with ease.


Plants in the office are totally necessary for your health - if you remember to water them!



10.  A Reliable Wireless Router

You’re working from home, which means that you need WiFi that won’t let you down. Choose to get a reliable wireless router so that you won’t be cut off in the middle of your work.


11.  A Super-fast Computer

Why waste time waiting for your computer to load? That time is costing you money. You deserve the best, so invest in a computer that is super fast and reliable at the same time.


12.  A Big External Monitor

If you want something a little different in your home office, go for a big external monitor. Not only will you be able to see it, you’ll be able to really get everything done without the computer crashing from the ten million open tabs.


13.  Charging Accessories

Tablets, smartphones, laptops - they all require chargers. Make sure you have enough outlets for each of these accessories to charge correctly. Don’t be afraid to invest in the best - you rely on these to get you through!

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