How To Recover From A Diet Setback

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Today you woke up feeling tired, lethargic, and having little to no motivation regarding anything related to exercise. So, of course, you're struggling to find the motivation to eat healthy as well. After all, you feel absolutely horrible, so why today of all days would you really care.

If you've been doing pretty well regarding your diet and have your washboard abs popping (just kidding), then try to remember that you're not always going to have the motivation you had yesterday. This is where discipline and consistency are a requirement. 

Let tell you a personal story...

I recently discovered that no matter how hard you plan ahead; you are ALWAYS going to have setbacks.

If you didn’t know this, I live near Chicago. So, of course, this most recent Halloween felt more like Christmas (we had a massive blizzard).

As good as my will power usually is, I was unable to fight off my son’s repeated attempts to make me enjoy some of his candy with him. One turned into two, then ten, then so on…

I marked that day off as a loss (I was enjoying trick or treating with my son 🤷).

What I used to do was wake up early the next day and punish myself by handcuffing my arm to the treadmill (not literally), and spend an hour plus making up for my mistakes from the previous day.

I no longer do this, and there’s a good reason…

It’s not necessary!

One day isn’t going to hurt your progress or derail you. The only thing that will derail you from your fitness goals is your consistency or lack thereof.

So, as long as you keep your eye on the prize and get back on track the next day, you’ll be just fine.

To get back to my story…

I returned home to a house with ZERO candy and nothing but healthy foods and snacks in it. Even if I wanted to cheat, I wouldn’t be able to because I already set myself up for success.

I know myself well enough to not keep junk in my house because even though I am strong-willed, sometimes the cravings get the best of me.

If you already have junk in your house and have the willpower to steer clear of it, then, by all means, let it stay. On the other hand, If you’re anything like me and find yourself wanting to make your way to the cabinet in the late evenings, then I highly recommend not having any in the house 😉.

The lesson here is, don’t be too hard yourself, but remember to get back on track by keeping yourself disciplined!

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