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When it is time to sell your Frisco TX home for sale, there are things in and out of your house that you need to attend to so it is more competitive in the market. It is still best to consult the expertise of a realtor® to give you expert advice on which areas you should pay attention to that will eventually give you the best results given your circumstances.

Whether you have a limited budget or not, it is still good to know what are the things to fix when selling your house. Knowing the right things to fix before selling your house does not only give you a bigger profit but also saves you time and effort from doing unnecessary repairs.

Before you start renovating your house, take a look at the things you need to fix before selling your house.

Things To Fix Before Selling Your House

  • Inspect all functionalities in your home. From small things like faucets, cabinet doors, or hinges to bigger things like garage doors, all functionalities in your house are supposed to be working. A simple leaking faucet or window not opening properly can easily turn off buyers.

Homebuyers expect everything to be working so when they move in, there is nothing else they would do but fix their things. Everyone wants to get the value of their money. A small inconvenience they see will greatly affect their perception of your home.  This is why every functionality in your house, whether big or small, must be working properly.

  • Update lighting fixtures in all the rooms of your house. Proper lighting can make any room look warm, spacious and inviting. You can use this perception of space to your advantage. There are a lot of lighting options available and they do not need to be very expensive. Choose a bulb that gives off a brighter light. There are energy-saving LED lights that are inexpensive and they also come in different sizes and designs.


Frisco Homes - Allow natural light into your Frisco TX home for sale for added warmth and relaxing feeling.



As much as possible, let natural light into your house. Replace your thick, dark-colored curtains to bright, pastel-colored satin or lace curtains to let the sunlight in. This adds warmth and coziness to every room in your house.

  • Refinish your hardwood floor. There is no doubt that the most popular flooring choice for most homeowners and homebuyers is the hardwood floor. Wood floors give your house a sophisticated look and a fresh, neutral appearance.

Refinishing your hardwood floor gives your house a spectacular look that will wow home buyers. Also, refinishing your hardwood floor translates to a higher return on investment.

  • Repaint your walls. Aside from the floor, your house paint is the first thing homebuyers will notice. Also, the paint you use greatly affects the feel, look, and appeal of your house.

Before you repaint your walls, check for any cracks or molds. Deep-clean all your walls including the corners and hard to reach spaces. Repair any cracks before you repaint. It is not enough to just paint over the cracks on your walls as they will show after a while.

You will lose more money overtime trying to hide the cracks on your walls. It is better to take care of it head-on and save yourself from headaches in the future.

Bright, pastel or earth tones appeal the most to homebuyers as they give your house light, welcoming appearance and they are easy on the eyes.

If you have wallpaper in any of the rooms in your house, remove them and repaint them with neutral colors. Homes with wallpapers are harder to sell as they do not appeal that much to homebuyers. This is because wallpapers make your home look older.

The first impression last so it is important to ensure that your house is appealing to homebuyers.

  • Furnish your exterior. The first thing homebuyers see is the exterior of your house. If they get disappointed with what they see even before they get inside your house, they may lose interest right away. The exterior of your house should look pleasant as it is the doorway to your house.

Clean your yard and get rid of any unnecessary junk left there for eternity. Check your roof for any damage or leaks and repair as needed.

You may also repaint your roof if the paint is already chipping or fading. Replace any missing shingles and take care of any siding issues.

Get rid of moss build up on your fence and pluck out weeds in your yard. You can add more plants and flower beds to make your yard more welcoming and homier.

It is better to fix all noticeable fixer-uppers now instead of having to answer potential buyers in the future and eventually losing them. The more appealing your house is, the better is your chance to sell it faster.


Frisco TX Homes for Sale - Improve your kitchen by upgrading the fixtures and lightings in your Frisco TX home for sale.

  • Upgrade your kitchen. Everybody wants a clean, spacious kitchen where they can move around without bumping on things. You do not need to do a complete renovation. Only do so if your real estate agent tells you so and assures you that you will get better ROI.

There are simple renovations you can do to make your kitchen more inviting and appealing to homebuyers. Repaint the walls. Choose bright, pastel or earth tones that coincide with the color of your appliances and furniture.

If you have wooden cabinets, try neutral earth colors such as light flesh or beige. White is the go-to color. You can never go wrong with white.

You may also replace your countertop with granite or marble. Also, replace any leaking faucets, creaking cabinet doors, loose hinges, and faulty appliances. If you will upgrade your appliances, choose those with fewer buttons to choose from so it does not look overwhelming.

Upgrade your lighting to energy-saving bulbs with brighter light. If your kitchen is small, choose a sleek, modern design that does not overwhelm your kitchen.

It is important that everything in your house works. If your dishwasher is out of shape or if your window is broken, you have to replace them.

Even if your kitchen is not the dream kitchen, you can still do simple renovations that can male it more appealing.


Homes in Frisco TX - Upgrade the bathroom of your Frisco TX home for sale by fixing broken fixtures and updating the lighting and painting.

  • Upgrade your bathroom. Replace any broken tiles. Deep clean every corner and check for leaks. Replace fixtures that show wear and tear.

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of a house as this is where we spend most of our time. It is important that everything here works.

The kitchen and the bathroom are what most buyers put their focus on. Therefore, you have to make sure that they are clean, bright and appealing to homebuyers.

Is It Worth Renovating A House Before Selling?

The answer is maybe yes or maybe no. If your house is just recent, a simple updating of fixtures, lighting and decluttering is enough. Note that not all renovations will impress homebuyers.

If your house is dated, you will need to do a few repairs. An experienced real estate agent can help you decide which areas you need to spend money on and expect better ROI.

Home renovations do not need to be a complete overhaul. The purpose of renovating is to make your house more appealing to home buyers to make it easier to sell and get some profit out of it.

Should You Replace Carpet Before Selling Your House?

It depends. If your carpet still looks new, you can deep clean it on your own by using a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water followed by lemon mixture to remove smell and stains. To make sure your carpet looks new and clean, you can hire a professional carpet cleaner.

Of your carpet is dated and it already shows visible stains and gives off a smell of mildew, it is time to replace your carpet. Homebuyers always notice the carpet. Even if you have done a fantastic job with your kitchen, bathroom and other parts of your house, homebuyers will still consider your house needing repair if you do not upgrade your floor.

Want to know which repairs will help sell your Frisco TX home for sale? Call me, Loreena Yeo at (214) 783-2210. As an experienced Realtor®, I can help point out which home renovations add value to your home to make it more competitive in the market and get a better return on investment.


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