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I am interested to to see your comments on this subject.   I have mentioned this in our company sales meetings before and have had discussions about this subject with other agents down through the years.

Depending on whether you are relatively new to the real estate business or you have been doing it for many years will depend somewhat how you feel about this.

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As a listing agent the seller hired you to sell their home which is true they did hire you. The reality is that may be only be partly true. Does your real estate office have a floor time schedule every day ?  whereby different agents take phone calls or walk ins from potential buyers asking about properties they have seen while driving around.

Many of us put a sign rider on the company sign with our cell phone number hoping that a potential buyer will call that number. Some of you have custom signs that have your name and cell phone number in the body of the sign and no office number.

In my office we still have signs that also have the offcie phone number on it, with sign riders with the agents number on it. Potential buyers still do call the main office line from the sign asking about the house they saw.

Doing floor time as a new agent can be helpful in taking these calls so that they can try and work with those buyers. As the listing agent I would prefer to take every call that comes in on my listing if it comes through the main office phone number.

I'll give you an example of what happened in my office just a couple of weeks ago. A call came in to the floor person on a $750,000 home I have listed, I know this because the agent came to me later that day to ask me questions about the property. Now this agent sells less than 5 properties a year and is not the sharpest agent in the office. He told me that he was going to show the place the following week. He set up a day and time to show it. The day of the showing he came to me and said the potential buyers had decided not to look at the property and had changed their minds.

This actually didn't turn out to be true as they had an agent from another company show them the place a few days later. I know this because the other agent told me thay had talked to some one in my office a few days prior.

Had I received that call on my listing in the first place I believe they never would have called an agent from another company. As I mentioned at the start the seller hired me to sell the property, I think they probably think I am the one taking all the enquires on their home and not some agent in my office that isn't very good at selling.

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