NOIDA Sector 18- Ultimate Retail Destination

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Swanky malls, hip hangouts, eateries, and multiplexes make the commercial complex in Sector 18, NOIDA, one of the most happening places in the NCR.

Real estate in NOIDA is on the ascending graph and expected to receive a further boost. A large number of corporates in recent years have been looking at NOIDA as a commercial address, which has in turn fuelled the supply in this area. Today, NOIDA is a consumer haven, leading leisure and entertainment players do roaring business here, and the Sector 18 market has emerged as an extremely popular retail destination. Virtually every well-known prominent national and multinational brand has opened shop in Sector 18. Adidas, Benzer, Blackberry's, Bentley, Benetton, City Look, City Palace, Color Plus, Dockers, Ebony, Future Zone, Tekson's, Galgotia's, Gaint, Gautier, Hallmark, Indigo Nation, Li'l Tomato's, Levi's, Louis Philippe, Store 18, Proline, Reebok, Van Heusen, and more, have jumped on to the bandwagon. Apart from these, food joints like Aroma, Bamboo Shoots, Barista, Bon Bon, Domino's, Kebab Factory, Karim's, Kathis, Lasagne, McDonalds, Nathu Sweets, Nirula's, Pizza Hut, Punjabi by Nature, Super Stars and Fortune Cookie are all here. Sector 18 now successfully combines the key elements of local market life, typical of the area, with the style of the city - in a whole new world.

Chill-out Zone

The shopping complexes of Delhi pale into insignificance when compared with the commercial paradise that is NOIDA. Gone are the days when shoppers from NOIDA would make a beeline for Connaught Place or Lajpat Nagar. It is quite the opposite now; the good planning and the alluring atmosphere at Sector 18 pulls customers not just from Noida but from South as well as East Delhi. "This is not surprising, considering that nowhere in Delhi do you find a concentration, in one complex, of all such brands of consumer items and such a variety of cuisines to intersperse your shopping experience," says Mohamed Mustafa, president of the Sector 18 commercial complex. "Good infrastructure, regular power and water supply, wide roads, a working sewage system, ample parking space, and now better connectivity, have boosted consumers interest in the area," he adds. On the other hand, well-known real estate developer Getamber Anand, managing director of ATS Infrastructure Limited that is located in the heart of Sector 18 feels that there are several basic flaws in the planning which can be seen now that the area is fully developed. "To put NOIDA on the international map as a commercial hub there needs to be some semblance of aesthetics in this sector. It is not very well kept and there is no traffic discipline. The administration should make it ‘only for pedestrians' or only allow non-polluting vehicles in the area," he says.

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