Thanksgiving 101 OOOR What to Do in Thanksgiving

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           Thanksgiving has arrived! It is not just simply about expressing gratitude to the blessings you have received in life. It is also the bonding you have with your family, getting together with your loved ones while sharing a meal with them is one of the highlights of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving originally started becoming a tradition with the Pilgrims who started feasting to celebrate their very first harvest in America. Although that happened long ago, it is still revered as an American holiday. It is not that difficult to master the basics of Thanksgiving. Here are some tips you can follow as a guide:


1. Turkey


          - The turkey is the front and center of Thanksgiving. It is a must in every Thanksgiving celebration which is due to tradition. You may have it grilled, roasted, or fried as long as it is present during Thanksgiving. You should also keep in mind that the supply of turkey usually runs out one or two weeks before Thanksgiving. So, you should be prepared to purchase it in advance so as not to miss having it. Cooking turkey also takes several hours. Make sure you start early to avoid any problems during the feast itself.


2. Other Stuff


          - Thanksgiving also comes into life with the other stuff aside from turkey. These could be mashed potatoes, apple pie, ice cream, green bean casserole, cornbread stuffing, and cranberry sauce. It is also recommended to have pumpkin pie as a great dessert. Remember that during this occasion, you and your family will be likely to eat while talking with each other. As well as the regular catching up, it would be good to prepare wine for the adults as well.


3. Music


          - We do know that Thanksgiving is the official start of the holiday season. Which, as we know, leads to Christmas. Racking up those Christmas music playlists you have would be a great idea as you and your family start preparing for the day. Listening to Christmas music while preparing will let the holiday vibe start sinking in to you and your family, which in return, lightens up the mood and serves as a source of creating positive energy for you and your family.


4. Gratitude


          - In the end, Thanksgiving is all about giving gratitude and being thankful for every blessing we have and will receive. It is a special day dedicated for giving thanks each year. It does not mean that we will only give thanks during this time of the year but, essentially, we will celebrate this time for our gratitude. There are times that Thanksgiving would become emotional for the members of the family, this is quite normal considering that each family has its own situations. But this time, try to gather your family so that as one, you could all say thanks and give gratitude for a blessed year.



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