7 Ways To Make Your Research Paper Unique And Interesting

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College years are some of the best times of our lives. But college research paper deadlines can dampen some of that fun and lead to long sleepless nights spent doing research online and writing drafts.

Writing a paper once in a while is no big deal, but some courses can burden students with an unfair amount of research papers to write. If you struggle with writing an essay that’ll be unique, you can always seek the help of a research paper writing service, such as Edubirdie! These will help you refine your college research paper writing skills.

What’s more challenging is the fact that students have to strive to make their paper stand out. Professors have to check hundreds of research papers throughout a course, and if you want to score well, you need to ensure that your college research paper stands out. Luckily, we’ve made this guide of 7 ways that’ll show you how to write a good research paper and make it unique.

Write About Something You’re Interested In

This may seem like a pointless tip, especially when it comes to a research paper in college, but it is the most useful advice that we can give you! Even in college, you usually have the freedom to choose the topic of your essay. It’s a smart idea to select a topic that you’re interested in and not one you think your professor will like.

If you write about something you’re passionate about, it’ll show in your writing and will help your paper stand out. Contrary to this, if you choose a topic that you think will make you sound smart, you’ll probably struggle to write it. Not only does that make the process of writing the paper longer, but it can also make the tone of your essay boring and overly technical.

Ditch The Thesaurus

Despite what many students think, writing research papers is not all about sounding smart. Many different components make a research paper interesting. Using fancy and over-the-top vocabulary is not one of them. Each word in the English language is best suited to a particular context, using a thesaurus to substitute everyday words with ones that sound fancy won’t do you any good. It’ll just make your paper seem more confusing!

If you’re hiring a research paper writing service, look out for this mistake! Many people who offer services online aren’t qualified to do so. They end up writing poor papers that sound good to students because of the complicated vocabulary used. You’re better off choosing a reliable online service such as Edubirdie.

Incorporate Your Own Opinion

If you really want your paper to stand out, incorporate your personal opinion in it as well. Just using existing research won’t do you any good. Chances are your professor’s read most of the papers you’ll be citing, and most other students may be using those sources as well. So, talk about what you think as well if you want your paper to stand out.

If you think who can write my term paper and incorporate my opinion in it, you’re in luck! You can use the custom research paper service by EduBirdie, an online writing service, to get a research paper that is well-written and echoes your own personal opinion as well.

Avoid Clichés

At all costs! You may think cliché statements make your essay stronger, but they do the opposite. Clichés are more like filler statements that give off a poor impression and make your writing blend in with the rest of the papers, instead of making it stand out.

Engage Your Reader

Use rhetorical questions and witty anecdotes to engage with those reading your college research paper, primarily your professor. While research papers have to be written impartially and should be scientific in its approach, you can still engage the audience in your introduction.

An essential part of trying to engage with your audience is knowing when to do it. When you’re analyzing your data, it may not be smart to include rhetorical questions. However, introductions are the perfect time to do it because they’ll get the reader hooked onto the essay.

Use Good Research

A common mistake many college students make when writing a research paper is that they use any research they can find that’s remotely related to their topic. Usually, what this ends up meaning is that students cram in research when it’s not entirely relevant to the point they’re trying to make.

If you want to make your paper stand out, find research that fits in with your topic perfectly, and incorporate it naturally! Remember to make sure you cite your research correctly. You can use a free online plagiarism checker to make sure your paper is ready to submit. If you’re unsure of how to cite correctly, seek the help of a paper writing service.

A Clear Thesis Statement

The crux of any good college research essay is a strong thesis statement. This statement reflects the problem you’re addressing in your paper and the approach you’ll take. It provides your reader with an understanding of how the essay will be structured. Essentially, it is the heart of the essay.

So, a strong thesis statement will bring together the whole essay and make it seem much more coherent. If you’re struggling with writing a thesis statement, you can find examples of many great ones online!


Writing a college research paper is no easy task. It can be time-consuming, and the pressure to perform well is immense. With these seven tips, writing a well-structured paper that stands out will be very easy! If you’re still struggling with writing one, you can always look for a good research paper writing service online too!


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