Andy Caldwell Running For Congress

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Andy Caldwell is running for Congress in the 24th Congressional District.  I have talked with him several times, listened to his radio show on KUHL AM 1440 Monday-Friday 3-5 PM (Available on line), and heard his speeches at different events.  When I listen to Andy he reminds me of Ronald Reagan.  He believes in limited government, and free enterprise!  He wants to cut red tape in  real estate development, and make affordable housing for the middle class.


  Andy Calwell for congress


With great pleasure, I have endorsed him and would love to have him as our next congressman.  I am extremely disappointed in our present congressman Salud Carbajal.  Salud has signed on to the "New Green Deal" and the politics of the radical Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!  These radical socialists have proposed to out law the use of natural gas for home heating, heating water, and cooking! They don't  have any alternative except to use electricity!  Which would be so  expensive that many poor and elderly could not afford it! I, for one, don't want to be shivering in the dark! Do you?   Do we want the USA to  be a socalist nation like Cuba or Venezula?

If you would like more information about Andy please go to his web site below-


Also you can listen to his radio show Monday-Friday 3-5:00 on KUHL AM 1440 in  Santa Maria,  Ca.

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