Strange Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

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Is nothing working for you? Have you been trying so hard this year to build the search engine optimization of your website? Or maybe you don't understand how to use Facebook advertising with the new regulations in place? Or maybe you just wanbt to try something different? 

Here are a Few Strange Ways to Generate Leads

1. Tinder

People typically go on this to make new connections. If you are a female swiping left through a sea of male suitors displaying the biggest fish they've ever caught (it's a thing), why not try swiping right and seeing what happens? You don't need to be on online dating sites for romantic purposes, some people use it to make new friends. Expanding your sphere of influence can only help you in the long run.

2. Driving for Uber/Lyft

You have a lot of miles on your car anyway. Some agents will pick up side hustles to help pay for some bills during the slower seasons. Rideshare services can offer great opportunities for face-to-face interactions that complainers of social media strive for. You don't need to pass out your business card for every ride, but a friendly conversation can lead to the topic of buying or selling a home.

3. Riding a Bike with a Branded Flag

Here is where we start getting a little weirder. Bicycles as transportation (instead of leisure) is a concept most people aren't familiar with. People will know you as the REALTOR® that bikes around the neighborhood. THIS is an excellent eco-friendly way to stand out. If you have a flag, or some sort of custom paint job - it can make you instantly recognizable. Also, it creates many opportunities for real-conversations.

4. Set Up a Table and Give Free Advice

You can bring your own table, or maybe go to a local coffee shop in the neighborhood you farm. Set up your laptop, and on the back of the laptop include a sticker that reads "SIT DOWN FOR FREE REAL ESTATE ADVICE". And just wait for the leads to come to you, while you catch up on emails.


What other strange ways have you heard of for generating leads?


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