Get More Leads for Your Real Estate Business with Funnels

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Ever wonder how to get more leads and clients for your real estate business? It all comes to funnels.

Attract leads online, send them to a landing page with a valuable freebie, gather their information and follow up!

A simple funnel can double your business.

There are multiple funnel creation softare on the market that is affordable and works very well!

There are also different options, depending on how much work you want to do yourself or your level of tech experience.


#1 - Do it yourself funnels

Want to create your own website and build a funnel? You can use Cartflows - it works well with Wordpress and Woocommerce to create a funnel to your landing page or work with me page.


#2 - Template Funnels

You can create your own funnels pretty easily using softare such as Kartra, Clickfunnels or Kajabi.

They are all affordable options and if you have a bit of tech knowledge, you can knock it out of the park!


#3 - Outsource and get a customer aquisition manager

Lastly, if you're focused on your own business and can't spend valuable time learning the ins and outs of digital marketing, hire a professional.  With the right funnel you can double the number of clients and sales you make per month easily. 


Let me know in the comments if you use funnels!

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