Why Invest NOW in Rocky Point Mexico

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It is easy to see why everyone should  be buying in ROCKY POINT.

In the market as it is now, you, the buyer, have lots of property to choose from.  You have the luxury now. You've had it for about 2 years. Now is a good time to buy because prices have temporarily stopped skyrocketing.

Here are some things to consider why THIS is a great time to invest:

1. Why would the recent border governors conference (including Arnold Schwarzennegger) have their conference here in Puerto Penasco? It has been front page news, creating more awareness and exposure here for more investors to buy up property.

2. Did you know there are more than 50 development projects being built or already built, and more on the way? Do these developers know something the rest of us don't?  We believe they're positioning themselves when the market doesn't have enough inventory like it was 2 years ago. They'll be ready and people will end up on a waiting list.

3. Mayan Palace, (timeshare) a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere, 20 miles outside Penasco. Why would they build way out there? Why are they building Mayan Lakes (full ownership homes). What do they know?

4. A new airport! Guess where? Yes, near the Mayan Palace!

5. A new highway from Arizona's border to the Mayan area.

6. A new highway from Southern California..they have 15 more miles to build, then the Californians will have several hours cut off their driving time. Did you know Californians have run out of "affordable" beach property?  Guess where they've been buying? Yes, and more to come!! 

7. How about all the articles published in the New York Times, Los Angeles papers, Phoenix and Tucson papers, and too many to name here. They write about "Arizona's Beach". Creates more exposure for us! The word is getting out. Can't afford Cancun? How about the hottest new resort destination Rocky Point!

8. Airlines recently offered flights between Los Angeles and Penasco!

9. Airlines now fly between Penasco and Hermosillo, now more convenient for Mexico City Business people to come here to buy the best deals.

10. Nautical ladder plans in the Sea of Cortez are in process by the Mexican Government. "Fonatur" is the government agency driving the plans.  Small cruise ships are coming to the Sea of Cortez, with Penasco being a port that is all ready for Yachts!

11. As we drive around town, we see many locals are putting money back into their communities, many are building apartment complexes, many are building hotels, motels and restaurants. Are they expecting more people here? Why would they spend all that money on these projects? They must know something too!! 

12. The MARRIOTT!!!! Now being constructed on Sandy Beach. Why would the MARRIOTT build here? They know something too!

...and lucky #13...about 340 days a year of SUNSHINE AND BLUE SKIES!! No hurricanes, no Tsunamis, no natural disasters. Did we say fresh seafood and shrimp yet??

Get the picture? Don't be like the people that didn't buy at the last "rush"...they're now saying "I wish I bought then".

We believe there's one more window of opportunity. The facts are the facts.

Will Rogers said "Don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait"

When you're ready, please contact us.

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