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Hello, all. With the upcoming launch of Sibdu, I've been very busy blogging at our main blog site: http://blog.sibdu.com .

As always -- well, most of the time, anyways -- we cover topics of interest to commercial and investment real-estate agents and brokers, including sales tips, marketing, technology, etc. Residential agents and brokers can definitely benefit as well. So read one, read all!

Rather than bore you all with reviews of what I've written (or worse yet, repurpose them here, which I wouldn't think would be cool), I thought it would be easiest to provide links back to the blog, so you can see first-hand some of what we've been covering:

Small Brands vs. Large Brands - Working for small shops vs. large shops (very interesting, bound to draw some fire)
Any Good Commercial RE Blogs Out There? - Can you help me out on this one?
Is it Wrong, or Oh So Right? - An uber-social networking tool, but not another network
Entrecard - For Bloggers Only - Entrecard is a good way to get traffic, but only if you blog
One, Two, Squidoo - Using Squidoo to help improve traffic to your site (and SEO, too)
Makes a Great Gift! - A great, tasty giveway that helps you immensely with branding, too

I'm always available for you all, too, so e-mail me if you need anything. Thanks.

And I hope there's not a problem with me doing a post like this, as it seemed like the easiest way for all. If there is a problem, let me know and I'll fix it (I've already altered it once, and I hope my alterations make it better and acceptible). Thanks.

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