How to Pack Kitchen for Moving

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Are you moving to a new house? Then you must be busy thinking about packing and moving. One of the most complicated and difficult sections in your home to pack is the kitchen. With all those electronic appliances, delicate utensils and fragile dishes and cups, it can be quite challenging for you. We are here to help you about how to pack kitchen for moving. You need to follow some of the essential steps in order to pack everything in your kitchen for the move.

How to Pack Kitchen for Moving - The All in One Guide from Pros

Packing and moving can be quite stressful for you. So, it is important to follow some of the step by step guide to make sure that you are packing the kitchen items perfectly and in the right way. Here are some of the tips for you to pack in a right way. Keep in mind the steps to take when moving as well, so that you can get your kitchen packed up in a timely manner.

Step 1: Sort the Items

The main secret to pack your kitchen in the best way before the move is to sort all the things. You must have a lot of things in your kitchen and you need to sort them. This way, you’ll also throw away some items before the move, hence it’s important to know what to get rid of what you’ll still need. Make separate sections for the sharp items such as knives and scissors, crockeries, cleaning materials and appliances. Be sure to know how to pack silverware as well since you want to make sure that you don’t accidentally grab a knife thinking that it’s a fork while unpacking.

Step 2: Get the Right Packing Materials and Supplies

You have to gather all the essential items for packing. You need to make sure that you are using the right quality boxes which are hard in nature. You can also look into alternatives for cardboard boxes, but make sure that they’re durable enough to hold all of the heavy kitchen items that you may have. Also, it must have the tape, packing paper, packing chips and bubble wrap. Make sure these are durable and are efficient enough to protect all the delicate kitchen items. You can also pack dishes without using packing paper or newspaper with a couple of tricks.

Step 3: Mark the Box as ‘Fragile’

If you are keeping all breakable and delicate items in a box, then you have to mark it as ‘Fragile’. You need to make sure that you are packing each and every breakable item separately with the bubble wrap. This is important to ensure that they do not get cracks due to the moving.

Step 4: Label Each and Every Box

You have to label each and every box separately with the type of items in it. This will help you to identify the boxes and the items in them. This will also help you to know which one you should unpack first in order to arrange your new kitchen.

Step 5: Moving the Large Appliances

Before you move the large kitchen appliances, it is important for you to read the instructions properly. You need to unplug the appliances safely. Also, read their user manual to know more about dissembling before packing and moving.


This is all about how to pack kitchen for moving. If you are struggling with the packing, you can also call up a professional service to help you. There are a lot of electronic appliances in the kitchen that are bulky in nature. This can be risky as well as challenging for you, especially if you do not have any experience in this. Calling up a professional packing service can be quite helpful. You need to make sure that you are calling an experienced and skilled packing service to help you.


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