Homeowners Guide to the "Zombie Apocalypse" Part 2

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In my last post "Homeowners Guide to the 'Zombie Apocalypse,"' I touched base on some basics of what you will need when the power goes out. The basic concept is to maintain core body temperature and personal safety.


It was stated that everyone should have at least the basics when it comes to administering First Aid. Simple cuts and scrapes are one thing, but when the power goes out in larger areas and more care is needed, your wait time for emergency services may be a bit longer than expected; and the power ( no pun intended ) is in your hands to learn Basic First Aid and CPR. Also ensure you have a comprehensive first aid kit tucked away in the home that is easily accessible.


Your First Aid Kit should include these basic items: Band Aids (all sizes and shapes), Antibiotic Lotion or Gel, Gauze Wrap, Wraps for Sprains, a tube with Apirin and / or Ib, spool of dental floss, Alcohol Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, a small copy of medications and medical history of everyone in your household. To make it a more comprehensive kit, a 3x3 piece of cotton cloth, pressure dressings, CPR mask, and a turniquette. Also recommended to keep some over the counter medications for allergies, upset stomach, and ant-diarrhea pills.


Having this tool (yes a First Aid Kit is a tool) and the knowledge, is one of the first steps to safety in your household.


Next post will be about when the lights go out, and depending on the area you live, water may be affected. Should you have to relocate and you are unable to keep safe in place, you may have to rally elsewhere, where water may be an issue...stay tuned.



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