10 Ways to Improve Your Home in 2020

Industry Observer

The beginning of a new year means a clean slate and the promise of new adventures. In honor of the new year, you can make resolutions to improve the look, feel, and safety of your home with little to no time at all. By simply applying these 10 resolutions, you can kick off the decade making your home the best it can be!

1. Condense Mess

If you don’t regularly wear or use something in your home, whether clothing or a blanket, donate or toss it. Reducing clutter is a sure way to make you feel more in control of your space and open up your home (and closet) to new opportunities. Plus, less clutter can mean keeping your home clean is even easier. Start by tackling one room at a time!

2. Halt Hazards

Lingering hazards inside your home should be addressed sooner rather than later, so what better time than the beginning of the year! “Property owners carry the responsibility of ensuring that the stairways, balconies, and decks at their homes are safe for use by visitors,” note injury specialists at Rosenthal Injury Law, “Proper repairs and improvements must be made on an ongoing basis.” Now is the time to call up your landlord or tackle the home improvement yourself!

3. Get Techy

Smart home devices can help make life easier, but they can also help shrink your bills. Smart light bulbs, for example, are LED-based bulbs that help reduce energy consumption and last longer than traditional light bulbs. A robot vacuum could help reduce the time it takes to clean your home, freeing up your time to up to tackle other home projects. A low-flow showerhead could save you hundreds of dollars a year on water bills and reduce your environmental impact.

4. Put Safety First

When was the last time you checked the batteries in your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector? Smoke detectors should be assessed every month to ensure the batteries still work. Smoke detectors should also be checked every year in case they need to be replaced and should be replaced every ten years.

5. Go Green

Making small adjustments to be more eco-friendly could benefit your health and your home environment! Switching to rags instead of paper towels, gardening, composting, watering your yard less, and using natural laundry detergents are easy ways to go green at home.

6. Schedule Services

HVAC systems can accumulate dirt and dust over time, reducing their efficiency and raising the risk of an expensive replacement. Chimneys with soot build up could lead to home fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. HVAC system and chimney maintenance usually require the assistance of a professional to ensure they are working properly, so get in touch with a seasoned professional to ensure your home is ready for whatever seasonal weather you encounter.

7. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule can help hold you and your family or roommates accountable for a clean home. Setting daily tasks, such as putting all the dirty clothes in the hamper, and weekly tasks, like cleaning the bathroom, benefit everyone. Plus, when everyone works together to keep a home clean, it means less time spent getting your home clean.

8. Plan for Emergencies

No one wants to think the worst, but being prepared in case of an emergency is important to ensure everyone’s safety no matter the circumstance. Review basic fire safety, escape routes, pack emergency bags, and go over possible emergency scenarios with your household. Preparing your home and household for an emergency situations can make members of your home feel empowered.

9. Prepare for Parties

Making a few updates to your home could freshen up your decor and make it easier to entertain guests. Consider rearranging furniture to face each other so it naturally fosters conversation rather than making television the focus of the room. Adding plants is also an easy and inexpensive way to decorate, plus it adds texture and helps clean the air. If you decide to pick up a plant, ensure it is watered appropriately and is far from heat and open flames.

10. Keep a List

It’s easy to say all the things you need to do or need to get for the house, but keeping a list handy can help you remember and prioritize all your household tasks. Keep a magnetic list on your refrigerator so your entire household can add to it if necessary. Making a list of goals for the week or month to keep on the fridge is another great way to keep it top of mind.

With a new year comes new ideas and innovative ways to update your home. Using these ten ways to improve your home, you can help ring in the new year, new decade, and new you with positivity and purpose.