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Homes aren't meticulous, Homeowners are

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This is probably a minor grammatical transgression in real estate, but it irks me. I see it often in real estate marketing pieces.

Some listing agents send out property descriptions which refer to their home listing as a "meticulous house".  I understand what they are attempting to say, but houses are not capable of being "meticulous".  People can be meticulous. Homeowners may be meticulous.

The act of being meticulous is, well, human behavior.  A house is an inanimate object.

What the listing agent really wants to put across to the consumer is the message that "this house has been meticulously maintained by its owner".

If you're referring to something as being meticulous, that something has to be capable of thought, intention or action. A rock or a tree cannot be meticulous.

If you want to describe a house as meticulously maintained, use the word "meticulously" as an adverb of manner. Or just skip the word "meticulous" altogether and say that the house has been painstakingly or lovingly maintained.




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