How PLR (Private Label Rights) Content Works

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Have You Ever Heard Of PLR?

If you run a blog or website to market your products or services, you’re aware by now that creating content is hard work. You must research, write, edit, add photos, add links, create graphics, promote on social media, manage inquiry and more! It’s so easy to wind up feeling so overwhelmed by all you must do. That’s where PLR (private label rights) content comes in!


What Is Private Label Rights Content?

PLR is content that another person has written or produced. The original writer sells or otherwise transfers usage rights to other people for a reduced fee, allowing them to rebrand, edit and publish it as their own!


What Kinds Of PLR Exist?

One of the most common types of PLR is PLR articles or blog posts, which usually sell for well under $1 each. But there are all kinds of PLR – it’s not just limited to articles!

You can find almost anything online for sale as PLR!


Here are a few different types of PLR available:

  •        E-books
  •        E-courses
  •        E-mail autoresponders
  •        Audiobooks and other audio files
  •        Slideshow presentations
  •        Software
  •        Wordpress themes
  •        Videos
  •        Music
  •        Niche websites


How Private Label Rights Content Works

PLR is very simple once you understand how it works.

You purchase PLR as either a single item (like one blog post) or as a pack of PLR products with varying combinations. For example, I have a 60-piece Stop Drinking Alcohol PLR pack of articles, graphics, autoresponders, an eBook, a workbook, and social media graphics, all for one low price!

You purchase the content through my store, download it instantly, and can use it according to the license instructions.


PLR Licensing

Not every PLR pack or item has the same license. Some are completely unrestricted – meaning you can do whatever you want, including transfer rights to others to use or sell as PLR for themselves. But for the most part, you’ll find that you can use PLR for yourself only.

Either way, license information is made available before and after purchase. So you’ll always know what you can and cannot do with the new PLR.


Want To Give It A Try?

Does this sound interesting? IF you’d like to try PLR for free, click here to download free PLR to see for yourself the magic of this helpful resource! In future posts, I’ll give some tips for getting more mileage out of the new PLR you try.


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