Beware of your expectations

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Those folks who are indefatigably attached to specific, preconceived outcomes (almost) ALWAYS find themselves surprised when “It’s over”.

Here we are! We arrived at the “end” and we’re witnessing the dissipation of the fog of engagement . . . As the dust settles, we begin to see the “fruits of our labor” more clearly.

We may or may not find ourselves overwhelmed with joy or disappointment . . . Perhaps we’re disappointed, and we have those heavy feelings of FAILURE at which point we might shower ourselves and each other with “shouldas” and “couldas” and then dive into a full blown inquisition to find where the BLAME lies in this fiasco.

The “BLAME” is on each and every one of us. The ONLY failure that has occurred is our forgetting of the universal mindset of being prepared to be surprised.

Surprise comes in many forms range from SOARING jubilation at the unimaginable SUCCESS we’ve created together to the doomsday gloom of “failing to reach the objective”.

Be careful with going into a new initiative with an expectation so precisely calculated that we’ve created an air-tight AGENDA that is “SURE to take us to the finish line with ease”. When we create these “Maps/Plans” we are denying the truth that this map cannot possibly accurately depict the territory.

When we’re not paying attention, everything happens suddenly . . . thus the “reason” people seem to have “overnight success” even though the reality is that they failed many times over times.

When it comes to buying and/or selling a house, all of the above is especially important. This is a process that requires lots of patience and persistence. There are many twists and turns and oh-so-many surprises along the way. These are the reasons I’ such a HUGE advocate of Home Buyers and Sellers working with a Designated, Exclusive REALTOR who will shepherd you through the process.

As a Principal Broker and the Founder/Owner of Pareto Realty, I continue to work “in the field” with other agents so as to serve my own sphere of influence (Family, friends, and referrals) AND to keep myself relevant WRT the nuances of the ever shifting market.

So . . . Hey! – If you’re in the mood for a move (or know someone who is) connect with me and . . .

Let’s GO!

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Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

Your words ring true, Barry.  I was sitting here remembering a trip I took this past May to Utah's 3 National Parks, along with 3 State Parks.  I had certain expectations based on a previous trip there.  But, things had changed a bit, and some things on the agenda didn't happen, but other things took their place providing a delightful bit of serendipity.

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Jan 14, 2020 06:49 AM