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Transportation of good and products at the workplace is a common issue faced by most business entities. In some cases where a trolley is used for the purpose, this transportation is rather easy. However, in vast organizations where heavy equipment like forklifts and vehicles are used for shipping at the workplace, accidents are common.

Each year dozens of people lose their lives owing to workplace transport-related accidents. Around two thousand people suffer critical injury, and around four thousand people suffer minor injuries.

In the article below, we will discuss a few ways through which transportation of goods and products can be made easier at the workplace.

Keep the pedestrians away

One of the most essential aspects of workplace transport safety and convenience is to keep pedestrians out of the way of heavy machinery and forklifts and other such things. 

They are very heavy and tough to control when they are in momentum. Moreover, they need a lot of room for manoeuvring. 

The pedestrian staff and the heavy vehicles and equipment mustn't share the same route since there is always a risk of bumping into each other.  

The administration department should strictly ensure that the pedestrians never use the lane reserved for heavy equipment and vehicles. 

When separate paths will be available and used by both, commuting within the workplace will become easy as well as safe.

Signposts and Barriers

Of course, all employees within the workplace premises know which route is for pedestrians and which one is for vehicles. But it is still necessary to have proper signpost installed at reasonable distances reminding everyone which way they are supposed to travel.

Barriers are also necessary so that no one inadvertently crosses into the other lane, creating a problem for everyone.

These signposts and barriers will also be handy for visitors who have come to the organization for the first time. 

Delivery personnel will also be able to benefit from them since they will not have to cope with trespassing pedestrian staff enabling them to move easily and fast.

Wide Routes

The routes for traffic within the organization must be wide enough for the heavy vehicles, trolleys and other equipment to pass through easily.

For further ease of transportation, you may also use a one-way traffic system so that these vehicles will not have to cross each other.

Vehicle crossing each other through these routes can become a problem for the driver, especially when they are on a bend. The safest and easiest way is to follow a one-way traffic system. This system also takes care of the problem created due to reversing vehicles. It should be noted that reversing vehicle and pedestrians is one of the main reason for workplace accidents.

Warning signals and alternative mirrors must be installed in proper places so that the driver can commute easily with the goods and products that they are carrying.

Speed limits must be printed and installed on signposts al over the lane for the drivers so that they won’t forget.

Taking care of exposed items

Every workplace has some exposed items. There could be pipes of tanks for storing chemicals and other substances. 

These exposed items can case problem for both pedestrians and commuters because in a hurry people may overlook them,

The best option is to have them out of the way if possible. However, if they cannot be put out of the way altogether, they should be made visible through the use of bright coloured paints so that drivers and pedestrians are easily able to see them.

Bright coloured jackets for pedestrians 

There are some workplaces where the movement of goods and product, as pedestrians, is very frequent. Moreover, this movement is going on along the same paths. 

The ease of movement in such paths can be achieved by providing bright jackets to those pedestrians who are going to have to move along the path several times during the day.

This will not only ease the flow of transport but also keep the area safe. The driver of the transport vehicle will be easily able to note pedestrian movement along the path and manoeuvre his vehicle accordingly.

Site Transportation guidelines

In all workplaces where the transportation of goods and product is frequent, a guideline should be developed that should allow everyone to understand the general rules to follow during working hours. This will make it easier to keep following the rules and stay out of the harm’s way.

The administration department should develop these guidelines with the help of all stakeholders. The guidelines should be comprehensive and easy to understand. 

With the availability of these general guidelines, and all the signboards in place, the transportation process will not only become easier, but it will also be swift and efficient. Moreover, it will reduce the risk of site accidents.  

The Final Word

Workplace transportation is a very important factor in all those facilities where the movement of good and products is maximum.

Most of these goods are transported through trolley, cranes, and vehicles. In the same facility, along the routes of this heavy transport movement, workers also need to move around in order to carry out their daily duties.

In such a situation, transportation becomes very problematic because the driver of the vehicles and acre operators have to transport their good and products from one place to another while making sure that it is done easily without hurting anyone.

The above-mentioned tips are very easy to follow and make sure that your workplace transportation procedure remains swift and efficient without creating problems for anyone.




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